Britt’s 5th Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

Dear Britt,

When I was 5
years old I would tell people “I’m five and I’m going to be five FOREVER!” It
is still so insane to me that I continued to grow up and that now I have my own
5 year old daughter. Time goes quickly sweet girl so hold on tight and enjoy
the ride

This past
year has been so wonderful with you. From birth you were filled with lessons
for me to learn and I feel like this road has gotten a little easier each year.
You and I are very different in how we think, feel and process things and it’s
such an opportunity for me in my personal growth to put myself in your shoes
and learn from your perspective on life. At this point in the road I feel like
I’m beginning to catch my stride and am better able to best fit your needs in
my parenting.  I know we still have a lot
of learning and growing to do together and my goal is to always use God as the
ultimate guide as your mama. I want to filter everything through Him and His

You love
people. You love to make others laugh. You love to see their joy. You love to
touch and cuddle and tickle. You love to tell stories. You love to sing songs.
You are not into toys (I think Tess pretty much owns all of your toys at this
point, which you gladly hand over to her). You don’t care about physical possessions.
I know we do not share the same love language of gift giving as, for you,
quality time and physical touch reign supreme.

You have
always looked up to your brother and still admire him so much, but seeing you
in the big sister role has been truly amazing to watch. You love that Tess
looks up to you and you truly shine when you are with her. You cater to her
every need and desire and watching YOU as you watch her makes me so proud. I
can see the love you have for her and I can see the joy it brings you to see
her happy. You have such a giving heart and put her needs before your own.

This year
school has been more of a “real deal” and you have blown me AWAY. Not only are
you our only child who has YET to pull a clip at all in school EVER but you are
doing so amazing in the classroom. You have always had so much energy that I
was honestly a little nervous about how you would do in school but honey you
have surprised me in the best ways possible! You are one of the top in your
class and were first in reciting the books of the bible and all of your site
words for the year. You are in the top reading group and you take such pride in
your school work. You are SO pumped to READ and ask constantly if it’s August
yet so you can go to kindergarten.

A big thing
we are working on with you is your complaining. It’s tough because you just
tend to see things in a glass half full type of way. It’s a matter of the heart
and those are the trickiest to parent. It’s been so great to see you grasp our
concerns regarding this matter. You pray for help with to be more positive. And
you are really doing so great with it! It’s an encouragement to me to make sure
I’m also speaking positive words to help it become natural for you as well.

We always
talk about how special you are to me because my whole life I prayed for a
daughter and God gave me you, my first little girl. This year you have really
started to look up to me and it is my most proud feeling as a parent to have
you say that you want to be just like me when you grow up. You will never quite
understand why that affects me on such a deep level and my prayer is that I
continue to be the type of mom you want to imitate.

Babies are
always on your mind and you have your future baby names decided (Cole and Finn
for sons and Emily and Vera for daughters). You also have SEVERAL imaginary
friends who are all your “sisters” and who you talk about constantly (Daddy
likes to egg this on because he knows it is a tad annoying to me haha!). They
are always celebrating birthdays and changing their ages and names and what
they enjoy doing. You have such a creative mind and great imagination!

When you
grow up you talk about wanting to stay home with your children like Mommy does
but that you want to also be a baker and bake food for people who are sick or
need meals. I think that your servant heart will continue to grow and I can
just see you having such a wonderful ministry to others!!!

You are our
social butterfly. Everywhere we go, even just a quick run to the playground,
you will walk away with new friends. Little girls tend to flock to you in a
natural way. You have that “it factor” and my prayer is that you ALWAYS include
others. That you be a LIGHT and use that magnetic force you have to lead people
to Christ. So easily that “power” can turn into a mean girl situation but I
have full faith that this will not be the case for you. You are so kind and
loving and always have compliments for everyone. You have this natural way with
kind words that really lift others up! I sing to you “you are my sunshine” and
it’s so true that you are that sunshine to SO many when they are having a
cloudy day.

at Disney for your 5th birthday was probably one of the best
birthday celebrations EVER. You LOVED getting to dress up like a princess and I
just love experiencing my favorite place on earth with you. I love that we both
enjoy the same things at Disney and we bring out such a fun side of each other
while we are there. I’m crossing fingers for lots of girls trips in our future
so we can do all kinds of character meet and greets!  

I’m very
excited to see what this world of 5 will bring for you. Hopefully we will have
another new baby at home and I know you will be AMAZING with him. Out of all of
us you bring him up the most in conversation and are always thinking up names
for us to name him.

I’m excited
for many more fun memories together this year as well. The beach, Disney, and
hopefully some skiing again too. You are a wonderful traveler and the memories
we make on trips are always so special to us all!

I hope as
you continue to grow up that you only grow closer to God and continue to strive
to be a light in this world. I am SO incredibly proud of you and the big girl
you’re becoming. You are beautiful: inside and out and I know God has BIG PLANS
for you my special girl!

Birthday! I love you to the moon and back!

Love, Mommy

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