Tess’s 1st Bday Letter {From Daddy}

I know Tess’s birthday was 5 months ago but it took awhile to get her bday letter from Zach! Having it post later than her actual birthday is kinda fun though b/c it is even more of a walk down memory lane 🙂 I will go in and change the date on this post before making the blog books! 


WOW, you are  amazing! You have brought so much joy to our
lives from the moment you entered the world. Your smile is one of the most
amazing things I have ever seen. When I come home from work and your face
lights up, it makes me feel like the world is perfect. Hopefully one day when
you look back and read this, you will have a child of your own. You will understand
how a parent loves a child.

One of my favorite things you do is follow your sister
around. I love how you want to play with her toys and be like her. It is so
cute. Sometimes you will just sit and watch your siblings with fascination,
almost like them playing is the most interesting thing in the world.  I also want you to know how much your brother
adores you. It may change as you get older, but he loves you so much. It’s great
to see how much love Kye and Britt have for you. I hope that you all grow a
tight bond over the years.

My favorite memory from your first year of life, besides
your birth, is the first time you got to take a bath without your bath seat.
You were so proud. I could see it on your face. You just crawled around in that
bath tub like you thought you were just like Britt.

I am
so proud to be your father. I hope that I will raise you up in a home that
teaches you to put God first. I hope I can teach you to treat others with
respect. I hope I can teach you to love others like Christ loves us. Thank you
for being my beautiful daughter. I love you Tess.


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And here’s a bunch more “awwwww” worthy pics of Zach and his baby girl through her first year of life 🙂

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