Kye’s 1st Bday Letter: From Daddy

In celebration of Kye’s first birthday, Zach wrote him a letter summing up the first year of being a daddy! If you’d like to remember back to Zach’s moment of entering fatherhood, you can read his story of Kye’s birth by following this link. Also who can forget Zach’s milk in my mouth video with his new baby?! Enjoy!




I don’t think I could be more proud to be a father. You are everything your mother and I were hoping for and more. You are a great kid. You mind well and always make me smile. I knee that parenthood would be a very fulfilling adventure, but you make it so wonderful. It has been a year, wow a year! And it seems like your mother was just jumping into the bedroom from our bathroom saying that she was pregnant!



I feel so blessed to have you in my life and I hope that one day you realize how much I love you. I hope that our father-son relationship grows from one of respect to one day forming into a lifelong friendship. I have so much fun playing with you in your room and outside. And listening to rap music together (your favorite!) in my car while we drive. I also enjoy putting you to sleep at night, wondering what you will dream of.




I love you so much. This first year watching you grow has been amazing! I have missed a few things but I got to witness a TON of your firsts. Two of my favorite memories are when you said “duck” for the first time and when you said “dada” on your mom’s birthday (priceless!).



I love you and am very proud of the little boy you are already growing up to be.









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