Spear is 19 Months Old!

Spear turned 19 months old on July 1st.

I’m using What to Expect the Toddler Years to compare his milestones and development.

toddler boy at water park - what to expect at 19 months old

We had such a fun month and I decided to use a few of my favorite pics from this month of him for this post!

At 19 months old Spear is doing everything a toddler his age should be doing.

The book doesn’t mention any specifics under the “should be doing” category just that it includes ALL the prior “should be able tos”

HUGE sigh of relief for me to read that because he was doing all the should be doings last month!

Spear is doing all the things a 19 month old will probably be able to do including:

  • “feed” a doll
  • use 6 words
  • walk up steps

With the words Spear is saying 6 words even if others can’t understand him except for us and from what I’ve heard that totally counts! As long as WE know the word he’s saying then it’s a legit word.

Here are the words he says: bye-bye, bible, water, touchdown, ugh-oh, bahhh, all done

Spear is doing all of the things a toddler his age may possibly be able to do including:

  • build a tower of 4 cubes
  • identify 2 pictures by pointing

Spear is not yet doing all the things a 19 month old may even be able to do:

  • He is not able to name 6 body parts
  • But he is able to wash and dry his hands!

Sibling Comparisions:

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