Spear is 14 Months Old

Spear turned 14 months old on February 1st! I took several cute pictures of him this month for a collaboration I did with See Kai Run (which have a line at Target now!) and loved the shots I got of him so thought I’d use them this month for his pics 🙂 I’m using What to Expect the Toddler Years for this post:

At 14 months Spear is doing almost everything a toddler his age should be doing including:

  • wave bye-bye
  • stand alone
  • put an object into a container
  • follow one-step verbal command without gestures

He is not yet using “mama” or “dada” intentionally. He is starting to say things with more intention so I believe it’s coming soon and am not overly concerned about it but the book does advise to speak with your doctor if your child isn’t saying mama/dada intentionally by 13.5 months old.

Spear is doing one of the things that a toddler his age will probably be able to do and that is: bend over and pick up an object.

Spear is not yet walking and isn’t yet “walking well” either. Again, I’m not overly concerned. I do think he’s my latest walker (I know Kye and Britt walked at 13 months but I can’t remember about Tess!) but he will get there! He’s been sick and I know that can slow things down a bit. 

At 14 months Spear is also doing one thing he may possibly be able to do and that is use an object in imitation (brushing that hair!). 

He is not yet saying 3 words. He is very close. He’ll say a “d” sound for “done” and an “m” sound for more, for example.

He is not yet doing any of the things a child his age may even be able to do including:

  • build a tower of 2 cubes
  • use 6 words or more
  • run
  • walk up steps
  • follow a 2-step verbal command without gestures

Sibling Comparisons:

I pulled out Kye’s old toy cars this month. I reorganized the playroom and rearranged the toys we have downstairs. For two kids in a row we’ve had girls so all the easy access toys downstairs have been more “girly” (like My Little Ponies) and I wanted to make the toys more boyish that are easy access. Spear LOVES playing with the cars! I love these pics of him!

14 months old

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