“Snow” Days

Growing up I lived near Atlanta. Usually we’d get lucky and have one or two days of snow each year. And by snow, I mean maybe an inch or so. Nothing major, but enough to where the world shut down and we had off school. When I moved to Valdosta I was sad about missing those yearly snow days. As someone who hasn’t experience a LOT of snow, I naturally LOVE it and hate that my kids won’t experience it like I did on those occasions as a child. 

Neither of my kids have seen snow and it’s something that I really want to happen for them. Zach and I have actually been discussing possibly doing something different for our yearly Christmas trip together and maybe taking the kids with us skiing. That way they could see snow (most likely blown snow but who cares…that counts in my book!) and get to experience skiing (I know Kye would LOVE it!). We are still in talks about it, but it would be a good time I’m sure!

In January everyone was talking about the weather. Like my Facebook newsfeed was covered in weather updates. Personally, I’m not one who ever even checks the weather on my phone. Unless we have a Disney trip coming up, I don’t really care if it’s going to rain or be warmer or colder or whatever. Can’t do anything about it right? And it’s so often WRONG anyway!

Robyn actually was the one to text me and tell me about our possible snow prediction. I seriously did NOT let myself get my hopes up. But then the closer it got, and the more pumped Robyn was about it, the more excited I became!!! I couldn’t help it! And I totally blame her for getting me so crunk πŸ˜‰ 

Watching and waiting for SNOW!

The night before the supposed day of snow the weather prediction really did make me feel like it was going to happen for us! I literally couldn’t sleep that night and kept waking up to check if there was snow on the ground!!!

When we woke up…no snow. Of course we all heard about the MESS that Atlanta went through. At first I envied all my Atlanta area friends. I missed home where I could have been joining in on all the super fun, adorable snow day pictures. I even debated trying to talk Zach into driving up there to play in it! Once the news hit about the horrible situation they faced, I no longer envied anyone up there at all and instead felt so bad for what they were dealing with and thankful for my south Georgia living. 

It was tough not to be disappointed about the lack of snow on the ground. Locals still got excited about the slush and sleet. Even posting pics on Facebook of ice and little dusting in the crevices of their rooftops. Y’all. That junk does NOT count as SNOW!!! I’m all about appreciating what you have and taking advantage of the moment…but I wasn’t about to bundle my kids up and have them go play in the cold rain and tell them it was snow when it was just slush. That’s not the first snow experience I want for them haha! 

I also wasn’t about to let my kids be disappointed on such a fun day. Schools were canceled. Zach didn’t go to work. We were having a SNOW DAY! There may not have been any actual snow on the ground. And we may not have had the cute snow pictures to post on social media, but we were gonna have a snow themed day…even if we had to make it ourselves πŸ™‚

First up: we taught the kids how to make their own snowflakes!

Zach is like the snowflake making professional

We hung all of our snowflakes on our big picture windows so we could enjoy seeing the snow fall πŸ™‚

I realized some snowflakes were missing from the window and found out that Zach had been selective in which ones he hung up and he rejected all of mine!!! I guess squarish shaped snowflakes don’t make the cut? Haha proof that I’m zero percent artsy!

After we hung our snowflakes it was time for my personal favorite thing to do when it snows: EAT SNOW. We pulled out our snow cone machine and had our own snow feast πŸ™‚

Look…it DID snow at our house! πŸ˜‰

Casey and Jordan came over to participate in our snow themed fun πŸ™‚ You can’t have a snow day without building a snowman right? So that was our next themed creation!

Haha Jordan!

We hung our snowmen at the bottom of the windows with the snowflakes falling down around them πŸ™‚

Mine and Kye’s holding hands!

We spent the rest of the day cuddling up and playing together. We played a lot in the playroom and for dinner Zach even did the cooking so I could just enjoy the kids! We decided to end the night with some hallway bowling! They both LOVED it!!!


Our dinner!!!

What would a snow day be without some awesome snacks? Yup, we made a batch of cocoa-no-bakes!

Long story about the Angry Bird shirt! Kye hasn’t actually ever seen the game (duh) but has attended Angry Bird parties for Stevie and always says he wants an Angry Birds shirt whenever we see one out and about. I saw this at a kids sale and bought it for him as a surprise πŸ™‚

I could not BELIEVE that school was canceled again the next day!!! I was shocked! It was a little bit trickier to be creative with what we could do that day, but I was determined to make sure the kids had a BLAST on their snow days and that they were still getting to create fun memories πŸ™‚

Kicked off the morning with a rare treat: cinnamon rolls!

Even though we created our own snowflakes and snowmen the day prior, I still wanted to find a way for the kids to feel like they got to play in the snow. The closest things I could think of were shaving cream and bubble baths. Both white. Both pretty fluffy. Both fun! For the shaving cream I put a ton of it on cookie baking sheets and gave the kids a bunch of toys and let them do their thing! Kye LOVED it, Britt wasn’t too sure!

With Britt…things always get messy QUICK!

The night before I was trying to think up ideas of things to do and thought it would be neat to freeze some little toys into ice cubes and have them play with them. For Kye’s Valentine’s Day cards this year (post to come) I bought a huge bag of little dinosaurs and we have like a million extras. They fit great into my ice cube trays and the kids loved finding different ways to get the dinosaur out of the ice. It was also a great lesson about water and all it’s different forms! And it fit the snow day theme because who doesn’t experience ice with snow?

Britt’s method: chew her way to the dinosaurs πŸ˜‰

After the fun we hit the tub! A nice bubble bath gave them more “snow” to play and create with and it allowed the dinosaurs who hadn’t melted to (quickly!) melt the rest of the way!

After our themed stuff finished up…it was time to resort to what I’m sure most mamas did during those snow days…movie time πŸ™‚ I asked Zach to set up Kye’s tent in the living room before work that day so the kids could have a special treat and “camp out” for the movie. I wish Frozen had been out at that point b/c it would have been the perfect movie to watch!!!

You know your Daddy sells Aflac when you have a Duck Pillow Pal πŸ™‚

For lunch I wanted to make something special and both the kids LOVE smoothies so I made them each one and they got to eat some of Daddy’s sausage balls which they also love πŸ™‚

While it was sad not to have actual snow on the ground, I really enjoyed having the two carefree days at home with my favorite children! I think we did our best to make our own snow fun and it was a great time for us all! Maybe someday we’ll get lucky and Valdosta will have a legit snow day…but I’m not holding my breath!

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