Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 Our elves always arrive the morning of Thanksgiving and they always bring pumpkin spice breakfast muffins with them! Britt has been SO NERVOUS about if they’d show up or not due to the… View Post

Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 I love our new family tradition of spending Thanksgiving at Disney! Last year was our first year and it went great but it was also a learning year…we learned NOT to buy as… View Post

Thanksgiving 2018

This year we started a new Thanksgiving tradition of having Thanksgiving at Disney World! We love having our Disney Rental House and wanted to really use it for a family tradition each year. Thanksgiving is… View Post

Spear’s First Haircut: Harmony Barber Shop

When we were making plans for our week at Disney Zach reminded me that Spear was due for his first haircut and he’d assumed I’d have made an appointment at Harmony Barber Shop. Um. I… View Post

Thanksgiving 2017

This year I kept thinking we’d have a BABY by Thanksgiving haha I feel like I wasn’t FULLY in the Thanksgiving mode because I had assumed we’d be missing everything and be in Florida for… View Post