Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Our elves always arrive the morning of Thanksgiving and they always bring pumpkin spice breakfast muffins with them! Britt has been SO NERVOUS about if they’d show up or not due to the pandemic this year but thankfully they didn’t let her down.

Her love for the elves is one of my fav things about Christmas time. She’s always SO EXCITED.

We call them “Hermey muffins” named after our original Elf 😉

In years past we’ve done a character meal on property at Disney the morning of Thanksgiving but I’m not about to spend those prices to see characters from a distance so we skipped out on that tradition this year and instead enjoyed the muffins and a lazy morning at the house hanging out.

Every year we also make Turkey Cookies so the kids and I went ahead and made those. Kye has done them for so long that he basically can do it all on his own and I let him lead the way on everything. I tried to be hands-off and just more monitor and help as needed as I know the kids have SUCH pride in doing things on their own.

Plus if they don’t learn how to do it all on their own how will they pass down the tradition to their kids, right? 😉

This was the first year Spear was involved in the Turkey Cookie making and he was SO PRECIOUS. He did a GREAT job and took it seriously and was very proud of himself and later kept talking about the turkey cookies he made! Filled my heart full!

I’m not that into Thanksgiving food so making Turkey Cookies is about as much as I contribute to our meal haha Zach is the foodie in the fam for sure 😉

It was a gorgeous day so the kids were able to swim and play in the pool and we swam a bit as a family and they had lunch on the back deck too!

I LOVE that our Disney House pool is heated so we can enjoy it year-round!

Mrs Charlotte celebrates Thanksgiving with her mom and family at lunchtime and then drives down every year to eat dinner with us so we typically eat later to make sure we wait for her to arrive!

We had a super chill day and an equally chill evening 🙂 I’m always so thankful for our little family and love getting to spend this time together every year!

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