Spear’s First Haircut: Harmony Barber Shop

When we were making plans for our week at Disney Zach reminded me that Spear was due for his first haircut and he’d assumed I’d have made an appointment at Harmony Barber Shop. Um. I hadn’t even thought about it! Guess Zach is becoming quite the Disney hardcore fan too since booking Spear’s haircut was his idea πŸ˜‰

We scheduled it for after naps on the same day that Britt and Zach had their time at Epcot. They got back with a few hours to chill before we headed to Magic Kingdom. 

Y’all I can’t tell you enough how GORGEOUS the weather was. Seriously so, so pretty! Perfect Disney weather!

We had a bit of time before Spear’s appointment so we went to Guest Services and got him a birthday button…and asked if they happened to have any of the Mickey’s Birthday Buttons left. WE LUCKED OUT and they had four left!!! I was BEYOND excited. I’d asked around all morning with Britt with no luck! 

Tess’s first time seeing the MK tree! She was in AWE! 

Checking out all the Christmas fun!

We also had time to check out Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. We’ve never played it and the kids actually never knew about it. I’ve kinda been saving it haha I’ve been nervous about what to do with Kye when he and I have our solo day. Kid loves thrill rides and Mama ain’t riding ’em! I feel like playing the Sorcerers game would be PERFECT for us! We went ahead and all got card sets so he and I will have several to do when we come back together! I also took this pic because you have to sync the cards with a certain magic band and then can only use that band to play so I need to make sure to wear my red one!

I wasn’t overly nervous about how Spear would do. He is our more active child and doesn’t like to sit a ton but with all the attention on him he did AMAZING. 

They have changed things up a bit since Tess had her first haircut here . No longer do they have a photo pass photographer which I wish I’d known in advance as I would have been more prepared for the photo taking! 

Ms Gladys was SO great. The first haircut package is only $25 and includes the cut, a “my first haircut” hat, certificate, and magic πŸ˜‰ 

They have great skill in keeping little ones happy and still and Daddy is quite the pro too so we all made a great team and got it done!

I have been SO EXCITED for Spear to have a haircut. He needed it SO badly and I was zero percent sentimental about it…I was just excited to see how adorable he was going to be with a “big boy” cut!

Goodbye crazy curl! I told Ms Gladys that THAT curl was the piece of hair I wanted to save!

What was great was that she cut his hair and then decided to cut extra off to make it a little shorter so we’d have more time between haircuts. Genius, Ms Gladys, GENIUS. 


I love how proudly Britt is looking at him!

The kids all did SO great sitting quietly as well as helping Spear sit so nicely. The whole experience was SUPER fast. Like under 30 min in and out. It went super, super well. Spear sat so great and didn’t even flinch when she accidentally nixed his ear! Tough kid!  Ms Gladys even gave the girls some pixie dust!

LOVE all the keepsakes!

A hope for this trip was for Spear to get to meet Stitch again. Both times Spear has met Stitch were when Zach wasn’t with us: the first time on my “mommy solo day” and the second at Ohana with Zach’s mom and sisters. Both times Spear just LIT UP when meeting Stitch. Personally I’ve never been a Stitch fan, but Spear just was instantly drawn to him! 

We looked up the meet and greet times and decided to shoot to meet him after the hair cut. We had NO other park plans and it was a mad house at that time of day anyway so it made sense to knock out meeting Stitch…especially since his meet and greet location is in Tomorrowland which is pretty close to Main Street for us to make a quick exit after (his meet and greet is located inside where his attraction used to be!). 

The wait…40 minutes. Yes. 40. We do Disney so often and always have such a solid game plan that I can’t remember waiting 40 minutes for anything for YEARS. 

It shows how worth it meeting Stitch was to us all πŸ˜‰ Zach waited and I took any kids needing a potty break to the bathroom. We kept Spear entertained in the stroller with snacks and it went by decently quickly. At least it’s an indoor line, that def helps! 

I asked the cast member if we could let Spear down to meet Stitch and allow him to crawl over on his own and they agreed πŸ™‚ Y’all. Every second of that 40 min wait was SO WORTH IT. It was PRECIOUS watching Spear interact with his BFF πŸ™‚ Here’s the video!

I love how Spear has ZERO fear about characters (benefit of growing up a Disney Kid right?) and that it’s OBVIOUS how much he adores Stitch! 

And that the feeling was mutual πŸ˜‰ 

Everyone got hugs!

I love Spear holding his hand πŸ™‚ 

All. The. Kisses!

With all the kissing going on (oh you KNOW Britt planted one right on Stitch too!)…Stitch tried to kiss Kye haha! As Kye has gotten older I’ve continued to be beyond impressed with how characters interact with him…they still know how to involve the older kids and give them a magical memory too. It was so funny! 

Neither Stitch or Spear wanted to leave each other! 

It was seriously such a magical moment for our family. It made me just overjoyed that we took the time to do the meet and greet and that we have that memory we all share together. Zach, who y’all can’t stand lines, even said it was worth it! 

Happy Boy!

The beauty of being pass holders…we got to the park…we did the hair cut…we met Stitch and then we left!

On the monorail ride back to the car Tess was sitting beside a teenage girl who had a Mickey balloon. We’ve never bought a balloon at Disney (seems like a pain to lug ’em around and I always assumed they were crazy expensive). Tess wasn’t saying anything, she was just looking at the balloon the whole ride. The girl sweetly asked Zach if she could give her balloon to Tess and Zach said no hahaha He was like “that was expensive you don’t need to do that” and I was quick to say we shouldn’t stop someone from having a giving heart and rob her of the blessing and joy that giving to others brings! It cracks me up that he said NO hahaha

So the girl gave the balloon to Tess and it was SUCH a sweet moment. Tess was overjoyed and appreciative and it really meant a lot to us all and was a good lesson on random acts of kindness and what a joy it is to give. 

I will say those balloon are LEGIT. That thing has stayed SOLID and it’s so thick and really great quality. I mean of course it is because Disney does it right πŸ˜‰ 

The other kids did very well too handling Tess getting the special gift, no one tried to make her give it to them or ask to buy one for themselves. It was such a sweet, magical moment!

Big boy haircut! I couldn’t stop looking at him and thinking about how stinking adorable he looks!

We also had to keep checking to make sure the pixie dust was still there πŸ˜‰

Our Thanksgiving tradition for the last several years has been to eat at Mema’s for lunch and then have ice cream for dinner at our house. It’s always SO FUN and something the kids LOVE and look forward to all year!

Even though we were switching things up this year we still had our ice cream for dinner…we just shifted it to the night prior to Thanksgiving rather than on actual Thanksgiving! No one minded the switch one bit! And yes, I brought all the toppings from home! 

A must-do within the ice cream for dinner tradition is a squirt of whip cream! 

Had to let Spear take part too…his first ever sweet treat!

The kids voted for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and Daddy walked through the topping choices and each kid got to get whatever they wanted on their ice cream. 

It was such a fun afternoon with so many special memories. I LOVE Spear’s new hair cut and love that we got to spend the afternoon really focused just on HIM. It’s not easy with four kids to make sure each kid has special moments, especially when one is a baby πŸ˜‰ But it was a really special afternoon for Spear. He may not remember it but all the rest of us always will! 

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