38 Weeks Pregnant!

Ok maybe just maybe this will be my last weekly pregnancy post?!?! I’m ready to start the newborn weekly ones instead and have pictures of a sweet, precious baby instead of my big ‘ole tummy!!!… View Post


I would say that this face accurately portrays my current emotional state: Am I crying? No. I’m not crying at all. In fact I haven’t shed a tear except for that little hour span of… View Post

Officially Have Tried It ALL!

Yesterday I totally had a case of the pre-baby blues…if there is such a thing. I just felt so discouraged and frustrated and upset with the world! I have NOTHING to do to occupy my… View Post

38 Weeks…Still Pregnant!

Today I have officially been pregnant for 38 weeks! I know I shouldn’t be complaining about still being pregnant as most first timers go late so I’ll try to keep this as positive as possible!… View Post

A little progress!

I had such a nice relaxing day yesterday and decided to continue the trend and go to bed early. I took 2 more primrose oil capsule things then we did the acupressure again and I… View Post