Valentine’s Date Nights!

Our town goes ALL OUT for a Father Daughter Dance each year. It’s really cute seeing all the little girls dressed up fancy going out with their dads. However, it’s just NOT Zach’s thing. At first I tried really hard to pressure him to do it. The little girl in me wanted to have my daddy take me to the dance (heck, some adults do go with their fathers haha) so I wanted that for my daughter! BUT I had a wake up a few years ago and realized forcing him into something wasn’t what was best for Britt or for Zach and his relationship with her! Zach does stuff with our kids ALL THE TIME but it IS nice to set aside a night near Valentine’s Day where he takes the girls on a “fancy date.” I like the concept of the Father/Daughter Dance and I love that Zach jumped on board about the date night over the dance! 

This was the first year that Tess went too! Both girls were SUPER excited about it and they went for a more casual night out this year. We did it the night after Valentine’s Day which meant no crowds plus it was a Monday so it was an early night out to get home in time for bed! 

Our girls do have hearts of gold!

Tess is on her way to the goofy smile stage 😉

Our girls are SO BLESSED to have a Daddy show them the type of man they should marry!

The girls (well, really just Britt) got to pick where they went to eat and Longhorn was the winner. It’s HILARIOUS that our kids think Longhorn’s is like THE fanciest restaurant in the world. Zach did say someday, when Tess is older, he’d like to take them to a place in downtown Valdosta. There are some legit fancier type restaurants there and it’s a really pretty little downtown area that would make for an extra special night 🙂

Zach said they had a great time at dinner and that the girls carb-loaded on the bread!

This was the first year that Kye and I got in on the whole date night thing! Last year Tess didn’t go with Zach so Kye and I stayed home with her but now that Tess is older we ALL get to have a night out! Just as it’s important for the girls to see Zach as an example of the type of man they should be searching for, I want Kye to feel that same way about me. I also think it’s important to train him on how to treat a woman so he can be that godly husband! We were both SUPER excited about our night out!

Kye got to pick and I heavily influenced that decision. I’d been DYING for some Aligatu (local Japanese Steakhouse) and he agreed. When we got there he was a little nervous looking over the menu. But he quickly remembered how much he LOVES the food there!

Yes, I ate three bowls of soup. It’s AMAZING!

I’m hardcore about everyone needing to use chopsticks when eating Japanese or Chinese food. Kye is pretty good with them and probably won’t need the kid version soon!

We were the only ones at our table and the chef was hilarious and asked Kye if he was taking me to the club later on our date. Thankfully my child doesn’t know what “the club” is!!! Ha! He was also super funny with how much food he kept giving Kye. 


Kye ordered the steak and loved both the ginger and the seafood sauce. I’m so proud to see how much more adventurous he is with food!

We had a loooooong wait for our check so you know what that means: selfie time 🙂

Kye’s turn with the camera! 

You can tell we had leftovers for days (Kye even took it in his lunch at school!)

He asked me to “karate chop the rice” bahaha

It was SUCH a fun night for us all! I’m really, really hoping Chick-Fil-A does a father/daughter and mother/son night again. Kye and I did one once and it was AWESOME and I think that’d be such a perfect outing for Zach and the girls too!

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