Britt School Summary: Spring 2021

Out of all of my babies Britt is THE happiest that the kids were all able to be in the classroom this school year. She has appreciated every single day and loves being with her… View Post

Britt School Summary: Fall 2020

Britt is rocking out in third grade! Out of all my kids she had the TOUGHEST time with the shut down during the spring and was THE most thankful to be back to in-person school… View Post

Britt’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Britt’s School Summary: Spring 2020 Man! I’m even MORE bitter looking over Britt’s report card than I was Kye’s…she only missed TWO days of school the ENTIRE school year. If you have been here long… View Post

Britt’s School Summary: Fall 2019

Britt’s School Summary: Fall 2019 Britt is thriving in second grade! She ADORES her teachers and has several sweet friends in her class. They do not yet do grades but she is either at the… View Post

Britt School Work: Fall 2018

Britt has LOVED first grade so far! Britt is my social butterfly and her best friend rides the bus so she doesn’t mind the longer bus ride. She also has really adjusted well to first… View Post