Britt School Work: Fall 2018

Britt has LOVED first grade so far! Britt is my social butterfly and her best friend rides the bus so she doesn’t mind the longer bus ride. She also has really adjusted well to first grade. She LOVES every part of it. 

She loves learning. She enjoys the school work. She even has homework every night and she NEVER skips it or complains about it. She just gets it done! I have loved watching her really step up and embrace being a student. 

Britt was recommended for gifted and tested into the program and she’s also really enjoyed that class each day. 

Britt is doing really, really well with reading but she’s just doesn’t love it the way that Kye does. We have to work at getting her to do her 20-30 minutes of reading time a day. It’s just not her passion. I do think the more she improves at it, the more she will enjoy it! 

Britt is also doing well with purging her school work as she brings it home. She kept a LOT less this time. and is truly proud of the things she keeps. She also has started writing Brittlynn rather than Britt on her papers. She said she likes to be called Britt but enjoys writing Brittlynn 😉 

In first grade they don’t give out grades and instead evaluate based on limited or minimum progress, progressing towards mastery, and consistent achievement – mastery. 

Britt has all “2”s and even some “3s” on her report card. The areas that she’s already mastered are: read high frequency words automatically, add fluently within 10, add within 20, subtract fluently within 10, subtract within 20, count to 120, and read and write numerals to 120. 

Britt’s teacher says: “Britt is such a sweetheart and I truly enjoy having her in class. She is doing very well in first grade. She loves AR book and taking tests. She is a hard worker and continues to work on or above a first grade level.”

I have noticed that Britt tends to have ONE best friend. She met a girl on the first day of kindergarten last year and even though they aren’t in the same class this year they are still very much best friends. This is exactly how I always was growing up and being a one friend kinda girl can be tough and can cause a lot of heartbreak so I am trying to encourage her to broaden her horizons a little bit too! 

I’m so glad Britt enjoys school so much! I am SO proud of her and her work ethic in school and love seeing her excelling! 

Here are the pieces of school work she wanted to keep:

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