Britt School Summary: Spring 2021

Out of all of my babies Britt is THE happiest that the kids were all able to be in the classroom this school year. She has appreciated every single day and loves being with her friends and learning face to face with her teachers.

You can look back at Britt’s fall semester here.

The kids choose what school work they want to keep throughout the semester and then over Christmas break and summer break we take photos of the pieces they want to keep. Then we toss 90% of it! The pictures are always here for them to look back on and there’s no need to keep all the actual paper work 😉

Britt had a wonderful 4th grade year. She loved her teachers and classmates and I’m especially proud of how well she “grew where she was planted.” She was disappointed at Open House about not having her friends from 2nd grade in her class but she went in with a positive attitude and made wonderful friendships that she loves and cherishes! I love that Britt is a light in the world and is always including others and finding ways to lift them up!

Britt loves to learn and is very much a “teachers pet.” She may be my outgoing one at home but in the classroom she is much more reserved and quiet and soaks in everything. She is more reserved in the classroom and gets easily embarrassed. It’s so interesting to me how Kye is more reserved than Britt overall but at school he’s like “Let me do the morning announcements” and she’s like “let me just watch.” So funny how different kids can be!

Britt did so great in her academic achievements this school year earning honor roll every semester. Her lowest grade at the end of the year was a 97 in language arts!

Her teacher said “Your grades are amazing no doubt about that but what I appreciate the most is your positive, fun, can-do attitude. You never turn down a challenge! I am very proud of you!”

She also said “Britt is a phenomenal young lady and a great student as well. I am so blessed that I have her in my class this year.”

I love hearing such kind words from her teacher about her character! THAT makes me the most proud for sure! Britt takes her role as a Christian very seriously and always tries to make sure she’s helping lead others to Jesus!

This was Britt’s first school year having the Georgia Milestones test. She was VERY nervous about it and I try really, really hard to make sure my kids DO NOT STRESS IT. I remind them that it’s more of a test to see how well their teachers taught them more than it’s a test for THEM.

She did the English language arts and Math portions this school year. She earned a 591 in ELA and 618 in Math which are both a 4 achievement level. Which is great!

Kye struggled a good bit socially in 4th and 5th grade, but I know Britt will only continue to shine in this area. I am interested to see if she will blossom in middle school the way he has or if that’s when she may hit some of her social struggles. It’s hard for me to fathom Britt ever struggling socially because she has been a little magnet for friendships since she was itty bitty! Girls are just drawn to her and I am SO thankful that she uses that “power” for good!!!

With girls I feel as a parent the concern of the “mean girl mentality” is real. Of course I never want my girls to go through the hurt that being friends (or trying to be friends) with a mean girl can cause, but I ESPECIALLY want to raise my girls in a way where THEY are never the mean girl. So far, so good in this area and I feel like Britt will only continue to strive to be kind to everyone she meets!

I know she will do amazing in 4th grade to come and I am so proud of all she has achieved this year and most of all that SHE is so happy to be back in the classroom!

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