Britt’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Britt’s School Summary: Spring 2020

Man! I’m even MORE bitter looking over Britt’s report card than I was Kye’s…she only missed TWO days of school the ENTIRE school year.

If you have been here long then you know my issues with the strict attendance policy and how I’m basically always trying to figure out how to travel yet avoid my kids missing school. OF COURSE the year that the kids never got sick and only missed dang TWO DAYS for travel is the year a pandemic would hit and we wouldn’t be able to travel to enjoy being able to miss some days.

Mark my word. IF we go back to school for the 2020-2021 school year that truancy officer will be a calling because as soon as the world opens back up we are gonna TRAVEL!

Anyway, Britt did fantastic this year and it makes me so, so sad that she wasn’t able to finish out the year. She had such wonderful friends and an awesome teacher!

I gave more of my reflective thoughts about the end of the school year here.

Britt won’t start having actual grades until third grade and in second grade they base it off of a scale of 1-3. Limited or minimum progress is a 1, progressing towards mastery is a 2 and consistent achievement – mastery is rated a 3.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts related to school, our system stopped grading on March 13th which was the last physical day of school. All digital learning was for review only!

Which I think was AWESOME and I appreciate that decision so much!

The kids, therefore, did have have grades for the final quarter of the year but even with missing that much instruction Britt still had the majority of her report card covered in 3’s.

The only 2’s she received were in writing for demonstrating competency in the grade 2 opinion writing process, using nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in language, demonstrating command of capitalization, punctuation and spelling in language and explaining why addition and subtraction strategies work in math.

Britt got really into drawing this year and was proud to showcase her work:

This is my FAVORITE thing any of my kids have done at school. It’s Britt’s family tree! She had to ask for extra paper to be able to write everything she wanted to say about our family.

I had it hanging on our garage door since she brought it home. It’s so special to me!

Hoping life gets back to normal soon so my sweet girl can get back into school – she loves it so much and will do awesome in third grade!

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