Britt School Summary: Fall 2020

Britt is rocking out in third grade! Out of all my kids she had the TOUGHEST time with the shut down during the spring and was THE most thankful to be back to in-person school this fall. She was also my kid that was the most plugged in with her class through their Google meets and such during shut down (we were very fortunate in our area that they didn’t HAVE to do digital learning, it was all review!).

Third grade is such a milestone year and one I remember so vividly and with such happy memories. I am so proud of the young lady Britt is becoming. She was very disappointed to not have any of her girl group from 2nd grade in her class but has done such a wonderful job of making community right where she’s at. It was an excellent lesson about growing where we are planted and she’s done a beautiful job of it!

She is now the big sibling at the school since Kye is off to middle school and she takes her role very seriously in looking out for Tessie!

Britt is switching classes for the first time this year but due to Covid they are doing things a bit differently and I appreciate that because I honestly feel like third grade is SO YOUNG to have to switch classes!

She adores her teachers and is a self proclaimed “teacher’s pet.” She really strives to make good choices and she also LOVES to learn. She is probably my best student and the one that teachers adore the most and look to as their little helper!

Britt’s favorite subject is math but she’s also discovered a love for writing this year and has been writing creative stories with her classmates. She’s also very into art and loves drawing. She’s just really a talented kid with so many paths she can take in life! She’s naturally just good at everything she tries…very much takes after Daddy in that regard!

Her grades reflect her love of school and Britt received all very high A’s. In fact her lowest grade was a 96 and she was stressing over was in science which is her least favorite subject.

I know Britt will continue to let her light shine this school year and I’m so proud of her and just SO thankful she’s able to be IN the classroom. She needed this social interaction and even though it’s different than the normal school year, she doesn’t take a single day for granted!

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