My {updated} Breastfeeding Story

This is tough for me to write without being repetitive since this blog actually covers EVERY detail of my breastfeeding journey (want to read it? click here, or under the label “breastfeeding”). I actually wrote… View Post

Kelley’s Breastfeeding Story

Kelley went to high school with Zach and now shares a last name with me so duh I like her 🙂 She has SUCH a cool job working in the nursery at the hospital (and… View Post

Becky’s Breastfeeding Story

Becky and I have recently started to get to know each other and I’m SO excited about being friends with her! She has a son a little older than Kye and he’s such a good… View Post

Je’s Breastfeeding Story

I’m very excited for this next story! It’s great because it helps show TWO generations of breastfeeding moms. Je’ is actually Autumn’s mom (you can read Autumn’s breastfeeding story here). I’m thankful to Je’ for… View Post

Jessica’s Breastfeeding Story

Jessica’s story has a different ending than most of the ones featured this week, but I think it’s wonderful to show every different scenario! Thanks to Jessica for submitting her story! Sophie Rae came into… View Post