Goodbye Bottle, Hello Sippy!

The sippy cup has been somewhat of a struggle for us. I started when Kye was a little over 6 months old to offer him some water in a Nuby sippy with handles. He took… View Post

Weaning Update

I know everyone is dying for an update on my boobs haha! Well they are doing great, thanks! 🙂 Really though, this whole weaning process is going so smoothly. Wayyyy easier than I thought it… View Post

Beginning the Weaning Process

Warning: I am discussing my feelings in this post and am not trying to offend anyone. However, this is my blog and my opinions and I want to be honest about them! When I first… View Post

Week 14 Summary

I’m still waiting for the week to come when there isn’t something to say! Maybe kids never stop having interesting weeks? It seems like stuff is ALWAYS changing!!! Doesn’t he look so much older? Turns… View Post

Summary of Week 13

Here’s an update on what’s new during Kye’s 13th week of life (making him 13 weeks old today!) Not much new, but some cute pics! I took this after nursing him in Brunswick…see how FAT… View Post