Weaning Update

I know everyone is dying for an update on my boobs haha! Well they are doing great, thanks! 🙂

Really though, this whole weaning process is going so smoothly. Wayyyy easier than I thought it would for sure! Since he had issues with the formula at first (just didn’t like it) I slowly got him adjusted to it by mixing 5 oz breast milk with 1 oz formula on day 1, then 4 and 2 then 3 and 3 etc. I would give him the bottle mixed with breastmilk I pumped the day before and I would then pump for the missed feeding in order to get milk for the next day. I did this for a week then he was able to drink an entire bottle of formula with no issues! So I quit pumping and my breasts adjusted fine. I really never felt any discomfort when I dropped the 3:00 nurse session. I knew it’d be the “easiest” to drop because it’s a “snack” instead of a big feeding but I was still happy that it went so well.

I nursed him for the other three feedings and did formula at the 3:00 for about a week then I dropped the 11:00 nursing session. I didn’t have to ease him into that one, I just started giving him formula then too. I feed him 8 oz per feeding. He may not eat it all which is fine but I feel like I should offer him the 8 oz in case he does want it since liquid should still be the main source of nutrition in his diet. Sometimes he drinks 6 and others he drinks 8. We’re using Expecta Lipil with Iron as my research led me to feel that it’s the one closest to breastmilk. I really like it! It mixes up great and he seems to like it fine. Levi LOVES it haha. And I have noticed a BIG drop in his spitting up which is a nice plus 🙂

When I dropped the 11:00 session I did feel a little more uncomfortable but only for a couple of days. I think it’s because I’m now going 12 hours between nursing sessions and that’s a little hard to get used to. But after a couple days it’s been smooth sailing! I’m really loving the way it is right now! I wake up and nurse then I can get dressed for the day and not have to change back to nurse again until his dinner feeding! I know a lot of moms feel sad when they feed their baby a bottle, but I haven’t felt sad at all. On the Babywise Blog she talks about how Babywise moms don’t usually have a hard emotional time with weaning and I agree! Since Kye has always had some milk (although it was breast milk) from a bottle it isn’t sad for me to feed him that way. I enjoy it! It’s sweet to cuddle together and see his little hands hold it with mine and the cute little dimples in his cheeks while he sucks it down 🙂

I have been so happy with the freedom I have now too! On the way home from Melbourne it was 3:00 so I just popped in the back seat and fed him the bottle! So easy! So great! Today we’re going to his 9 month dr appt and it’s at 2:15 so I know he’ll have to eat there and again I can just feed him the bottle at 3:00! I know I could do the same thing with my breast milk but when I was nursing during that time I’d have to be near my pump when I gave him the bottle so I could get the milk out of me in time to be able to produce more for his dinner feeding. Now I can feed him a bottle anywhere and not worry about my breasts or stress about milk supply. Very freeing!

(in the car! so quick and easy!)

While I’m enjoying these perks…do not take it to mean that I in ANY way wish I’d formula fed from the beginning. My baby is 9 months old, it’s TIME to be doing this and I’m thankful I did nurse for as long as I did. I plan to go at least 6 months with ALL my babies!

For now we’re sticking to the 2 nursing sessions 2 formula feedings thing. This afternoon I plan to talk to his dr. about it and figure out when he can start on cows milk then I’ll look at my frozen milk again and do some math to decide when to start dropping the nursing feedings and use up my frozen liquid gold!

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