The Best Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

Why have a gender neutral baby shower? The real question is, why not? Okay, actually, there is more than one reason why you might want to choose a gender neutral theme. First, maybe you’re waiting… View Post

Tab’s Baby Shower!

I’m so thankful to be surrounded by SO many amazing, supportive friends and family throughout our adoption. Even before we were matched Katie and Robyn talked to me about having a shower. I wasn’t sure… View Post

Keeli’s Baby Shower

I LOVE helping to host baby showers for ALL babies but especially for 2nd (or 3rd or 4th…) ones. I feel like ALLLLL the attention is always given to the 1st born baby and the… View Post

Casey’s Baby Shower (Minus Casey)

Even before Casey got pregnant I wanted to host a baby shower for her. I wasn’t able to do as much for her wedding as I wanted and really wanted to do more for her… View Post

About to POP! Gender Neutral Baby Shower for Leo

I have always been really into showers for second, third, etc babies. I know the social norm is only to have showers to honor the first baby, but I don’t understand why?!?! Each baby is… View Post