Tab’s Baby Shower!

I’m so thankful to be surrounded by SO many amazing, supportive friends and family throughout our adoption. Even before we were matched Katie and Robyn talked to me about having a shower. I wasn’t sure how I’d want to handle it. I’ve heard when adopting it’s better not to have a shower until the baby is in your arms but then I’ve also heard that it’s overwhelming for a new baby who has come from an adoptive situation to be passed around a lot by strangers.

In the end my main goal for Tab has been, and will always be, to have him EQUAL with my other babies. And for my others? We did showers πŸ™‚ So bring on the celebrating!!!

Robyn, Casey and Katie co-hosted the shower at Katie’s house which was the PERFECT setting. Her home has been in her family for generations and she’s done some awesome updating but still keeping true to the original time period too. I LOVE it!

It was such a perfect afternoon and was SUCH fun surrounded by so many of my awesome friends!

The invite πŸ™‚ 

So fun having a shower where we actually know the sex! All of my past showers have had to be gender neutral!

Always a fun shower game…with an adoption twist πŸ˜‰

All the guests wrote sweet notes and put them inside a Mickey bank!

They did an ICE CREAM BAR! Which was SO perfect for me as I love me some ice cream (and all the toppings!). It couldn’t have been more adorable (and tasty!). 

I put together a little gift for each hostess…lots of bath goodies with a tag that said “May your next “shower” be as special as this one!” 

The guests started to arrive…Millie was A-DORABLE!

I feel like I’m always tough to throw a shower for either it has to be gender neutral b/c we never know the sex or it’s adoption which is a tricky theme to go off of too. But they ROCKED IT. 

We played a SUPER fun game where each of us had the name of a famous adopted person and we had to get people to help us figure out whose name we had. Katie went a step further and wrote info on each of the people on the back of the card regarding their adoption story. SO. Awesome. And it made for lots of laughs too (plus, hello, super educational and I totally love random knowledge facts!).

Poor Karla struggled haha

Of course I’d saved all the cards and had planned to include the list in this post and now I can’t find them! Some I do remember are:

Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s)

Steve Jobs

Jack Nicholson

John Lennon

Marilyn Monroe

Jamie Foxx

Nicole Richie

Faith Hill

JC Chasez

Elanor Rosevelt 

It is so neat how many people have been touched by adoption. Now that we’re in this process it seems like adoption touches SO MANY! 

Gabe stocking up on the clothespins πŸ˜‰

Ready to GRUB!

“Emily Style” with all the toppings πŸ˜‰

I’m SO glad I decided to bring Britt and Tess along. They loved being part of the event for their little brother!

It was so funny b/c I’d been having a random craving for A&W Root Beer from the can and had told Zach that while we were in Hawaii and sure enough it was the drink of choice for the shower!

Tessie is always smiling for everyone elses pics πŸ˜‰ 

Britt was in HEAVEN helping with all the presents. She was SO proud (and I love all her clothespins along the bottom of her dress)

Gabe is SO talented and made this BEAUTIFUL burp rag and bib!!!

I loved the cute photo wall they set up and it was perfect for LOTS of pics!!!

HUGE shout out to Magically Made Tees for helping make my shirt come to life. I LOVE how it turned out. In case you can’t read it it says “not showing but still glowing!”

I felt a little underdressed for a shower so I stuck on this skirt with it and felt like it fit the vibe πŸ™‚ 

With Mrs. Charlotte

(we missed Courtney! She had just gotten out of the hospital and really I’m super proud of her for NOT coming as she needed that rest!)







My Britt

The big sisters!

The hostesses! 

Katie, Casey and Robyn!

Had to get individuals too πŸ™‚

Typical me and Casey!

So. Much. Fun!

The boys came at the end so they could partake in the goodies πŸ˜‰ 

It was such a fun afternoon! Earlier this year Katie, Robyn and I decided to start up a book club. It’s something we’d all talked about for awhile and decided to make it happen and I’m SO THANKFUL we did. Many of our book club crew have become super great friends and it’s been a wonderful way to have quality girl time once a month and has broadened our friendship horizons (as well as encouraged us to read more too ha!). It meant so much to me to have everyone there to celebrate our sweet boy! It was bittersweet to think that it’d be my last baby shower ever!!!

Here’s a look back at all the past baby showers I’ve had:

Kye’s family shower 1

Kye’s family shower 2

Kye’s friend shower

Britt’s family shower

Britt’s friend shower

Tess’s family shower

Tess’s friend shower

All the Parker baby’s have been SO loved by so many! 

Thank you again to everyone who helped host and who came to celebrate with us!


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