Keeli’s Baby Shower

I LOVE helping to host baby showers for ALL babies but especially for 2nd (or 3rd or 4th…) ones. I feel like ALLLLL the attention is always given to the 1st born baby and the rest are all like “whatever.” Right!? I know our church only does a shower for the first baby. Which I mean I get that but I still think all babies should be equally celebrated and cherished! I try super hard with my kids to keep things as “even” as I can and I think having a cute baby shower for each of them is so important…gotta have something for the baby book 🙂

I was very excited to get to be part of Keeli’s baby shower! I mostly provided the place to have it, but I love that role too. When we built our house we really wanted to make it a place people could gather. People often comment on how much seating we have. I think we have enough seats for close to 30 people or more in our dining/living/kitchen. It’s such a good spot to host things and I was honored to have Keeli’s shower at our home.

It was a morning brunch and the theme was very simple and sweet. Keeli doesn’t love a whole lot of attention (I’m sure Casey and I embarrass the heck out of her on a regular basis hahaha) so everything was kept very simple and casual!

Zach and I did our routine of making a diaper cake. We’ve done SO MANY through the years that we have a great system down. It turned out cute and I was excited to give Eli (big brother!) a gift and was even happier that he came to the shower so he could get it in person 😉 I know it always meant the WORLD to me when people thought to give the older siblings a little something to help them feel special!

All the YUMMY food!

Keeli’s daughters name is Emilia (spoiler alert: she is BEAUTIFULLLLL)

Sprinkle cookies as a favor! 

This picture frame was Katie’s grandmothers that Casey got from her when she got married and then gave to me to use for parties…it’s gotten a TON of use!!!

Casey made little “wishes” cards for everyone to fill out for Emilia!

It’s on ongoing joke about my girl crush on Keeli but legit isn’t she stunning? I’m not into girls (obviously) but she is just so hott to me! Even while pregnant!!! 

With her Mama!

Casey and Keeli went to school together growing up but became good friends a few years ago because they are neighbors! Glad to have Keeli as part of our crew (and the three of us are THE DEALZ GIRLS haha)

Keeli’s long time BFF is Kaitlynn who also co-hosted the shower with Casey and I. I also find her SO dang pretty, right?!? How did I get all these gorgeous friends?!?! 

The shower was at my house at 10 am which was a tad tricky with three kids haha I warned Casey and Kaitlynn that I didn’t need to be in charge of too much else other than just getting and keeping my house spotless with my crazies 😉 Zach took Kye and Tess to the tennis courts as Kye has been wanting to play tennis and Britt wanted to stay for the shower. She was SO cute and so thrilled and I love that she’s old enough to enjoy these types of things with me!

Girl got HOOKED UP. When I visited Emilia and Keeli in the hospital it was crazy to see all the precious personalized gowns Emilia had to wear while they were there! 

It was so fun meeting another good friend of Keeli’s as well! I’m looking forward to getting to know both Kaitlynn and Kelly more in the future 🙂 

The super handsome and sweet Big Brother Eli!

I was a tad confused on who everyone was in relation to Keeli. I feel super bad I didn’t make sure to get a photo of her with her step mom (or her dad who came by towards the end!) but I did get one of her with her MIL 🙂 

It was such a fun relaxing morning together! I hope Keeli felt as special as she is to all of us and that she knows how much we all already adored Emilia even before she was born. So thankful to have so much wonderful friends, friendships are truly one of life’s greatest blessings. 

And Tess had a BLAST at tennis because she got a HUGE SLUSHIE after. She walked in carrying this thing and I about died. Hello first slushie and hello like a solid 20 oz of it. Guess she didn’t mind missing out on the shower goodies 😉 

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