Picnic in the Park

The Saturday before Easter we didn’t have any plans. It’s a rare thing for us so even when we don’t have plans…I like to make plans 😉 That morning Zach took Kye golfing just the two of them. He called me SO excited on their way home because Kye really took it seriously and played pretty well. How blessed am I to have a husband who enjoys his sons company so much?!?! So sweet!!!

On their way home they stopped and picked up Subway and we had lunch down at the neighborhood park. This is a tradition we have done FOREVER and used to do allllll the time when Kye was little. Since Britt was a winter baby we haven’t gotten to do it much yet but I’m excited that the weather is warm so we can have picnics at the park more often. We went down there right at Britt’s feeding time (11) so Zach fed her the bottle while Kye and I played a little bit.

Helping hold her bottle 😉

After she got done we put our blanket out and ate our lunch. Kye was super excited and it was his first time having a sub. Usually we would pack a lunch for him from home or he was too little to be actually eating. But now we buy him food whenever we eat out…he’s old enough to want what we are eating 🙂

Showing off his sub!

Kye would take little breaks from eating to go play then come back to eat more

I just enjoyed watching him have fun while cuddling with my girl!

back for more

I PROMISE this is not the face he makes when we’re legit kissing…

Duh, we had to each get a cookie too!

Got Chocolate?

Both kids have those fingers in their mouths

Such a relaxing morning…I loved just laying and enjoying being outside together as a family

Giving Mama some lovin!

Our view 🙂

Watching the boys play

Kye is obsessed with swinging SUPER HIGH!

Having Daddy go down the slide with him

We didn’t just lay around…we did some hardcore playing ourselves!

Look at that mouth!!!

This face makes me laugh!

I’m SO SO SO thankful we live in a neighborhood that has such a wonderful place to visit. We don’t use it often enough (we used to use it a TON more prior to baby #2!) but I’m sure as Britt gets older we’ll be down there more often. It’s NEVER crowded which is another great thing about it. We saw a couple of other families come and go while we were there, but for the most part we had it to ourselves.

Speaking of the people who did come down there…Kye practically attacks people. He’s SO friendly and SO talkative and I am a little worried about it. I think it’s a wonderful trait…but he’s 3 so people tend to ignore him a lot. I worry about his sweet self esteem when he’s constantly ignored??? I’m not really sure how to combat that? I also am a little worried about teaching him “stranger danger” since he’s SO quick to talk to everyone and I know he’s at an age where I need to teach him boundaries. But at the same time I don’t want him to start fearing people or lose that wonderfully social personality of his!


  1. raisy1212
    May 9, 2012 / 12:06 am

    Hi Emily – I found your blog randomly through other blogs and I LOVE it! I hope you don't mind that I am now following it! 🙂 

  2. Chelley
    May 9, 2012 / 1:55 am

    Adorable photos! I love the one of you and Britt laying on the blanket looking at the sky. She looks SO much like you . . . your eyes are identical!

  3. Emily in Iowa
    May 9, 2012 / 4:44 pm

    Make sure you write about it if you figure out a way to deal with Kye's friendliness/teaching stranger boundaries.  We are in the exact same position with Gabriela (who is 6 weeks younger than Kye.)  She is constantly running up to people and saying hi and trying to engage others.  Like you mention with Kye, SO MANY people will just completely ignore her.  It sort of breaks my heart, but I try to deal with it by calling her back to me and telling her that it was really nice of her to want to play but they must be really busy and not have time to visit at the moment.  She seems unphased, but I do wonder if it will affect her eventually.  And yeah, that whole stranger danger thing….not sure where to even start!

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