Jon and Katie Plus Eight

Okay so I know the show has been on forever…but I have never watched TLC until my pregnancy! I started with A Baby Story and now I am IN LOVE with Jon and Kate Plus… View Post


Look how REAL our baby looks now!!! I really can’t get over it…it’s finally HUMAN and not so alien looking 🙂 While I’m still having those days where it’s hard to believe it’s happening to… View Post

Garage Sale Shopping

Last weekend Zach and I were looking forward to going garage sale shopping but we decided instead to go to Thomasville and order our baby furniture! So we were pumped this week to follow through… View Post


As today is September 11th I can’t help but think back seven years ago when the terrorist attacks occured. I truly believe it’s important to remember that day as it’s a day each person will… View Post

Changes in the Parker Household

Other than our two cats and two fish Zach and I also have two dogs. All eight of us make up our little family! When Zach and I met he was anti-pets but things have… View Post