Three Month Pictures

Autumn came to the house to do Kye’s 3 month pictures Saturday morning. And of course Kye was the worst he has EVER been! I guess the teething was really getting to him because he was ultra fussy! I broke down and gave him some Tylenol and all that did was make him sleepy. We NEVER allow the paci outside of the crib and we had to give that to him most of the shoot. So dissappointing becasue I was mostly excited for the pictures because I thought we’d be able to get a bunch of cute ones of his constant grin…but he barely even smiled through the whole thing!

When she left I told Zach I was pretty sure none of them would turn out. Thankfully, the three month ones aren’t as important as 6 month so I just didn’t worry about it too much. When she posted up the pics, however, I was pretty impressed! At least some of them turned out pretty cute 🙂 Here is the link to view all of them, my favorites I posted below! Enjoy!

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