Good News All Around!!!

We just got home a little while ago from our 10 week dr appointment! It went WONDERFUL and really there were so many great things that happened! First, we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat…the… View Post

A Baby Bump! Yay!

On Saturday I officially became 10 weeks pregnant! I figured that this week would be like every other week and that I’d just be sleepy, boobs would hurt, and I wouldn’t really notice any other… View Post

Housewarming Party!

Back in May we stepped up in the world! We loved our first home together, it was a great location for school and a great “starter” home but it was NOT in a good neighborhood… View Post

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

It has been raining like CRAZY here due to Fay. I think we are just starting to see what will be headed our way this next week. Luckily today I spent the whole day inside… View Post


I have known that I’m pregnant for over a month now and you’d think I would be used to the idea by now…but I’m not! It STILL does not feel like it is really happening… View Post