Football Pictures

As mentioned last post, Kye was ultra fussy for his 3 month pictures. Well during that shoot Zach and I were hoping to get some good ones of him with Zach’s old VSU football helmet to be able to frame one for Mr. Rusty for Father’s Day. Of course we weren’t crazy about any of them! He looked like he’d been crying in pretty much all the helmet ones and I really wanted a happy, smiley one.

Zach and I decided we’d do our own little photo shoot! I mean I have a nice camera why not right? We did it right after Kye got done nursing (full belly = happy baby) and got some awesome ones! He was in a much better mood and that made it a lot more fun! I’m pretty proud of how they turned out (it’s amazing how a black blanket can transform a couch!) and am glad we had lots to chose from for Mr. Rusty!

Zach HAD to have one of him holding the helmet…it took us like 20 tries haha

I wonder who decided to do this one?

He wouldn’t stop staring at it! Probably a sign for the future huh?

Waving to Mommy!

I just love how happy he was!!!

This is the one we decided to use! So cute!!! It’s actually cute enough where I might let Zach put it in the house somewhere instead of putting it in the guest bathroom where all his VSU stuff is haha

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