16 week dr. appt

Went to the doctor this morning just to hear the heartbeat and have a general check-up! I still weigh less than I did at my first pregnant dr appointment! I guess I was super bloated… View Post

Goodbye “Ethan Allen” Room!

When we bought our house back in May we knew we’d be starting to try to get pregnant soon and we went ahead and picked out what would be the baby’s room someday. Since we… View Post

Update on the Belly

Am I showing as much as I thought I would be by now? Nope! I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow and as you can tell by this picture I look like a sorority girl with a… View Post

Fun Family Visit!

It has been wonderful that Brandon and Chrissy live in Gainesville as they are so much closer now and we get to see them more often! We decided awhile ago that we’d use our house… View Post

Baby Dream!

All this talk about baby bedding right before bed may have annoyed me but it did do some good! I had my FIRST dream about our baby last night (well at least the first overall… View Post