Changes in the Parker Household

Other than our two cats and two fish Zach and I also have two dogs. All eight of us make up our little family! When Zach and I met he was anti-pets but things have… View Post

Cry Baby

I know that pregnancy means raging hormones and I know that crying at the drop of a hat is expected…but I still feel the need to share my first crying breakdown moment. I think all… View Post

Always Ahead of the Game…

I am a self-proclaimed planner. I always think waaaay in advance and have to have everything planned out and prepared or I freak out! So of course as soon as my 12th week hit (and… View Post

Welcome to the Second Trimester…

I swear I am having some kind of backwards pregnancy or something…the whole first trimester I was FINE. Never puked, never really even ate, never felt pregnant! Now starting the 2nd trimester I was looking… View Post

Week 12 – Time to EAT

All this time being pregnant and I have YET to be hungry at all! Well Rachael was right…that day has come 🙂 Over Labor Day weekend I suddenly changed and instead of never being hungry,… View Post