Miss Jumperoo (and a dancing brother too)

Most of the stuff Brittlynn “owns” are also things that we had with Kye as a baby. We bought a new bathtub for her (something about using a used bathtub bugged me?!?! I totally sold his at a kid’s sale), new swaddles (his were SO stretched out since he was swaddled until he was almost 6 months old haha), and a few other things. But for the most part, what’s his is now hers (until baby #3 comes along anyway!). 

One thing of Kye’s that I did not want to pass down was his jumperoo (you can see when he first used it here). He enjoyed it, but it annoyed the crap out of me that he never could touch the ground. The kid was in the 90th percentile in length and we always kept the jumperoo on the lowest setting, yet it was still too high. I actually called Fisher Price about it and they said we could send it back to them and they would send us a new one. But we’d have to pay the shipping. Um no thanks. I sold his at the kids sale (for a steal…like I think I sold it for $25!) and registered for a new one for Britt. Mom got it for me at one of my baby showers (ps: I totally miss being pregnant!) and we recently pulled it down to start using it! Once Britt turned 4 months old I figured she was old enough to handle it. She LOVES to stand up in our laps and puts a good bit of weight on her feet. Plus it’ll help her not to be on her back so much!

Her first time using it was on April 12th 

(a little over 4 months old)

It’s also on the lowest setting but she can touch the ground! Whew!!!

I’m still using a cushion under it for now so she can bounce easily but we’ll remove it soon I’m sure

I think it’s ADORABLE and I love all the options on it for her to play with!

It’s the Fisher Price Luv-U Zoo

I registered for this one because of all the jumpers on the market it seemed to have the HIGHEST reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

Making sure it tastes good too ๐Ÿ™‚

Brittlynn loved the jumperoo right away. And so did Kye. It has two song settings on it. One where it only makes noises when she bounces (my preference…) and another where it has constant music playing. Kye says “She wants the music!” and turns it on that option quite often. It may be slightly annoying but it also allows for both of my kids to get workouts! Britt’s bouncing away happily and Kye breaks it down with his master dance moves!!! She loves watching him and I enjoy watching them both. Win win!

He cracks me up

Who knows?!?!

We invited a new dance move called the “serve it up” where he takes his hands and moves them in a motion like he’s serving someone food.


She loves watching her crazy brother!

Here’s a video of her enjoying it

And Kye saying he’s “so proud” of her ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m SO glad Brittlynn’s old enough to enjoy this toy!!! I’m not crazy about how HUGE it is though. It’s sitting in our living room which isn’t really my thing. I remember when we went to do our maternity pics with Autumn at her house that I was SO impressed that you couldn’t tell she had a baby. All of the baby things were well hidden from plain view. I like for my house to be the same way but some things are unavoidable. The pack and play has to be in the dining room for independent playtime (post to come) and the jumperoo can’t fit anywhere else other than the living room. It’s just for a short while though so I don’t mind. And it’s easy enough to take down that Zach said he’ll store it when I host parties and such ๐Ÿ™‚

She really, really loves to jump and when I take her out of it she’ll often fuss and reach back for it wanting more. My favorite thing about it is that it allows her to MOVE. Work her muscles. Burn some energy. Up until this point in her life she never had an opportunity to do that. I also love that it gets her off her back and will help her little head get back to a rounded shape and help her quit going bald in the back!

If you know someone who is pregnant and you want an AWESOME gift to give them, I really do recommend a jumperoo. A lot of people love swings but neither of my kids have used them much at ALL (and I own THREE of them…). The jumperoo, in my opinion, is a much better purchase than a swing! I’m glad we have a fun toy that all of us can enjoy together ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. MeganRay
    May 15, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    Oh, I totally agree! Jumperoos are awesome! I love that it keeps the little ones entertained, not needing to be held, and gives them the ability to move around. Definitely must have! And your kiddos are super cute, as always!

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