The Many Faces of Cookie Eating

I’ve always been told that I have an expressive face. That you can read my emotions just by looking at me. Kye also has many different expressions and I love it. As a mom anything you see of yourself in your child makes you excited (especially when your husband looks exactly like his father so you assume that your son will probably end up looking exactly like your husband!). For some reason this day I allowed Kye to have a couple animal crackers while on the potty – we had a blast snackin’ it up while poopin’ it up 🙂

Pretty much every picture I ever post on the blog has some editing done to it even if it’s just cropping and adjusting the lighting. When I went through all of these pictures to edit I had a tough time deleting any of them. Each one made me smile and I happen to think he looks simply adorable with each different expression…so you get to enjoy them all! No captions even needed 🙂 Any favorites?

Can he just stay this sweet and adorable forever, please? 🙂

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