Magic Eye Baby

Had our 18 week ultrasound on Monday…I was SO excited since the last ultrasound turned out so great I was sure this one would be even better since the baby is so much bigger and more developed!

Of course nothing ever goes how I plan! Here is the picture. Yup, that’s our baby. If you stare at it without blinking for 30 seconds you may be able to tell! haha. Where the little arrow is pointing is the face. The big round thing is the stomach. It’s little hand is rubbing it’s left eye if that helps at all! Disappointing huh?

The good news is that the baby is very healthy…heartbeat was around 146 and weight is 8 oz. They said that even though I have all that confusion about my due date that it is March 12th so we’ll see if I’m right or if they are when the delivery day actually arrives!

The tech girl could tell the sex!!! It was very tempting to find out but we didn’t. She even pulled the whole “i can write it down and seal it in an envelope” thing and we said NO for sure about that! I know it’d be waaaay too tempting!!!

I’m really putting my hopes in our 4d ultrasound in December, with the high cost of it we BETTER get a good picture 🙂

Thankfully once I was able to figure out how to see this picture I do know this child does not have Daddy’s nose like we once thought…I think it’s more my nose…which is a good thing! haha

I’m almost half-way there! We’re off to California until Sunday so I’ll update then about our trip and some new tummy pictures!!!

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