Kye’s 11th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Kye’s 11th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

11th birthday letter to son from father


Happy B-day old guy. For real tho having a pre-teen as a son is really making me feel old.

This year has been really big for you. You have grown in so many ways.

You are truly the definition of a pre-teen.

You also think you are right about everything. I am not sure where you got that from…Probably Mom. Let’s dive into this past year.

First of all I am really proud of you for your hard work in basketball.

I told you at the beginning of the season what it would take to improve.

You showed me that you were willing to work. This was the first time I have seen you dedicate yourself to a sport like that.

You would shoot every day. You would even ask to stay up late to go out and shoot.

This makes me so proud. Not because it was a sport, but because you understand that in life if you want to get better at anything you have to grind.

School, sports, job, relationships, it all requires hard work.

The biggest thing from this was the results it had. You shot the ball so much better and your dribbling improved! I am so proud of you! 

Now lets talk about girls. Haha.

I know I am always making jokes but it is really funny watching you deal with girlfriend drama at your age.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The bad news is, it only gets worse!

The fact that you told the girl that you wanted to take a break until 8th grade so she would chill out is a baller move. Love it! 

I am also so proud of you working around the house.

You have really started to pick up on the little things and do them without me asking.

That is a big step into manhood and I do notice. You also do a great job of helping out when I am out of town.

You step up in a big way and it helps knowing mom has you there to fill in for me a little.

You are also an amazing big brother! You and Spear are starting to bond more and more.

I love seeing you interact and can’t wait as y’all get older to watch it evolve as he can do more.

You obviously fight with your sisters sometimes, but that is normal. You do take care of them when needed and that is what a big brother does.

Lastly…. the ski trip. What an epic time.

It was so funny how right when we got there we stopped at a little pizza joint and murdered an extra-large in 5 min.

We both went to reach for another slice and it was gone and we just looked at each other and laughed.

You are sooooo good at skiing it amazes me. I love how you tested yourself with jumps and trails through the woods.

It is the most fun I have ever had with you and will cherish it until the day I die.

I remember when we left at 3 am. I was driving through an ice storm and sliding all over the road.

I was scared and you were asleep in the back. Every-time I would glance back and see you, all I could think was how much I was going to miss those days.

I know we will have more in the future, but they are so few and far between.

Thank you for making that trip so awesome. The trip brought me so much joy, I hope it did the same for you.

I am so blessed that you are my son.

I couldn’t have created you or made you any more perfect. You are a 99 across the board as a son.

I love you!


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