It Takes Three Months

I really, stupidly, believed that I’d have my baby and the baby would just somehow magically fit into the life I was already living and things would continue on as normal. Duh, that didn’t happen! I know now that it takes about 3 months to get back to “normal.” I don’t know if that is a norm for all new parents but it was for us! Before the three month marker I was still figuring things out. Still had milk issues. Still was healing from the birth. Still had a LOT of weight to lose to feel pretty again. Still had lots of nap problems. Still didn’t quite KNOW my child. Sure, he was on a schedule but I didn’t know all his little cues. A hungry cry versus an attention cry. His sleepy cues of yawning, eye rubbing or being fussy. When you don’t quite know your baby yet it all the guessing takes a lot out of you!

Up until around three months I felt EXHAUSTED if I just did one thing out of the house during the day. Getting myself ready was an effort. Getting Kye ready was an effort. Scheduling when to go where and how long it would take was an effort. It wore me out for real!

I think with time, baby knowledge, and a strongly grounded routine I’ve come through the otherside and am able to take on the world again! The best part about this is that we can finallyh have our friends back! Zach and I have had each other to lean on during this time and sure we did hang out with Katie and Ashley on occassion but our friends (oh the many that we have haha) have always been a top priority to us and we missed being able to hang out with them all the time!

Thankfully we don’t “go out” like so many people our age do! I can’t IMAGINE EVER having the energy for that! Our nights with friends include eating a meal of somekind (the best are the ones Katie cooks), playing a board game, and watching a movie. If we “go out” for a night on the town it means getting dressed cute and going to dinner. Thankfully we have two friends who truly love our child and we all just have fun now sitting around looking at him! haha!

It’s been SO SO SO great these past couple of weeks getting back into a routine of hanging out with our friends. Sure, we usually do it at our house now b/c it’s easier to put Kye to bed, but wouldn’t we typically be at our house anyway? We’ve been having a great time lately and I love that we have such good friends that we know they are in it for the long haul…meaning 3 more kids down the road! We have a fun beach trip planned for the end of the summer with Kye and even have a road trip planned to drive to Boston next summer (without Kye though for that one!).

I’m so proud that Zach and I got so well adjusted so quickly and so greatful that Ashley and Katie were patient with us during that time! Now we’re ready to make lots and lots of new memories together!!!!

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