Cuff Links

For Zach’s first Father’s Day I wanted to get him something meaningful. It took me like 5 seconds to think of the idea! I got him cuff links with the Parker family crest ingraved in them! I know it’s kind of a “lame” gift because who wears cuff links very often? But for big events in Kye’s life I thought he could wear them and then someday pass them on to Kye. And Kye can then do the same thing someday! Cool idea huh?

My mom is really good at writing little poems for things, but it’s not something I’m super good at. I did my best, however, and wrote Zach this poem to go along with his gift!

These are just little cufflinks
Something you may rarely wear
They will sit in their box
Sheltered from all wear and tear

They are meant to be used
On occasions special to your son
His big days and moments
A whole life ahead that he’s just begun

Wear them when he makes big choices
Like deciding to live his life for the Lord
Wear them when he graduates high school
Or when he accepts a football award

Someday Kye will become a man
It’s hard to believe I know
But wear these cufflinks as time passes
And as he continues to grow

Wear them as he graduates college
As we look at him so proud
Wear them on that magical day
That we watch him take his vows

Then someday Kye’s day will come
The day he becomes a dad
You will know exactly the gift to give
Something special to be had

On that day pass these cufflinks on
To the son you love so much
Let the memories continue to be passed
Through these cufflinks with a little Parker touch

Not bad huh??? Anyway when Zach read my card he started getting a little emotional, but once he read the poem he cried! It made me tear up too! It’s just so awesome that he’s always wanted to be a daddy and now he is one! And not just any dad…he’s seriously the most incredible dad I’ve ever seen!!! I love him so much more each day as I see him with our son and how much love he has for him!

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  1. Elizabeth
    June 23, 2009 / 12:35 pm

    You are so creative when it comes to gifts and your poem is so sweet. It was so smart to get something that Zach can pass to Kye. Yall are a creative litte family!

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