Spear’s 4th Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

A Happy 4th birthday to my Son Letter – Today I’m sharing my letter to my sweet baby boy on his fourth birthday. I love writing these letters for each of my kids on their birthdays each year and hope they will love having them to look back on one day when they are living in their own home and missing family or just wanting to look back a bit on the childhood years and the time of life at each age!

A Happy 4th birthday to my Son Letter - An example of a birthday letter to 4 year old son from mom. A yearly tradition to write birthday letters each year of the child's life! Here's my fourth birthday letter to my son on his special day from mom.

Dear Spear,

My little sidekick! Happy 4th Birthday!

My wish for you as you turn four years old is to simply know how much your mommy loves you. Seeing your precious little face every day makes me so happy and I love watching the world through your eyes as we experience things together.

You are currently living in my favorite stage of childhood. I LOVE 3-5ish years old so, so much and I am super excited for the year of four with you but it is also getting a bit emotional for me too. Saying goodbye to the baby stages of parenting life wasn’t too tough but this stage with you? Oh how I wish it would never end!

You help me slow down. In this busy life, with older kids having after school clubs and sports and all the RUSH and GO. You are a sweet reminder that life is best enjoyed in the little moments between the rushing. The moments when you point out that super cool tractor on the side of the road. Or need help putting your Crocs on the right feet. Or yell to me that you are done going poop and need to be wiped 😉 Even the not so glamorous parts make up the beautiful, wonderful whole of the blessing of being your mama.

Our year together was filled with lots of these little moments and victories. Graduating from speech therapy, mastering pooping in the potty, sleeping a big boy bed. We take our time together you and I. You have your own pace for achieving milestones and I’m in no rush for you to grow up. Totally content to take it slow and let you lead as you’re ready.

My most special times with you are at the bookends of the days. Your school starts later than the others and I LOVE our “Sams Jams” mornings together. It may sound silly that my favorite thing to do with my three year old is to shop, but it’s true. We hit up Sams or Target or Publix (the race car shopping cart is a must!) and as we browse the aisles together I get to enjoy your kisses and be silly together (eating a banana means you must be turning into a monkey!). When I look back on these years with you, THIS is what I will miss the most.

I also love our bedtime snuggles. Each day ends with lots of hugs and kisses and my song to you. Our bedtime routine reminds me so much of the one I shared with Kye when he was this age. It gives me hope that you and I will share this bedtime bond for many years to come as my nightly talks with Kye now as a teen are still so special! You love your mama and tucking you in at bedtime is a highlight of my day.

I have never seen a child so loved and adored as you are by your entire family. All three of your siblings are simply obsessed with you. Yes, Tess continues to truly look at you as if you were her own child but as you’re getting older Kye and Britt are also just as smitten with you.

Kye loves your brother bonding moments and how much you look up to him and are always so eager to want to play together in his room. And Britt has your heart. I think Tess smothers you a bit too much and therefore you are more naturally drawn to Britt! She LOVES this stage with you like I do and I love seeing the two of you have such a special bond and connection.

As you continue to grow up you are turning out to be quite the thrill-seeker just like your Daddy and older siblings. I know the day is coming soon where you will be tall enough for all the rollercoasters at Disney World and mama will be left hanging out solo while you guys all ride the rides together! I love seeing your joy and excitement and it’s so funny hearing your siblings bicker over who gets to sit with you on each ride.

You are brave and fearless but you still always want your daddy to be nearby on those bigger rides! I appreciate that you are getting more cautious and careful and starting to understand consequences a bit better. After the haircut incident this year it’s def refreshing to see you pause a bit more before jumping into a decision 😉

It is the cutest thing to me that you are SO in love with all things tractors, vehicles, and construction. You talk about them all the time and it amazes me at the knowledge you absorb and retain. You love to watch Daddy do work with tools and are always quick to jump in and want to be his helper. I will be shocked if you don’t do something with your hands (and a tractor) in adulthood. Even if just as a hobby – you for sure have this special love for the farm life.

We made so many fun memories together this year. As the world is closer to healing from the craziness of 2020 we are able to get back to going and doing and having more family moments together. You LOVED going to the beach over the summer and talked all the time about wanting to go back.

I love raising you as a “Disney kid” as it’s so cute how much attachment you feel to the parks and the rides and experiences. I’m eager for Mickey Hugs to come back as I want to see if you still love Stitch the way you did when you were just a baby!

In the year ahead I look forward to watching you grow and see all that you learn and experience. We still have a few “must dos” on our list including getting nap and night potty trained but I also know that it’s not something we can rush. It’ll come in your own time!

I’ve also started to discuss your thumb sucking with you and you know that it is causing damage to your thumb. I am trying hard not to push it as I do feel like your doggie and thumb combo attachment is linked heavily to your adoption story and I never want to take away a coping mechanism from you. I’m thankful we have such a great dentist and pediatrician who both “get it” and are patient with me in my resistance to take it away from you! I’m sure the day will come when you stop relying on your thumb for comfort 🙂

You are my special gift and such a bright spot in my day everyday. You keep us all laughing and on our toes and life is NEVER dull or boring with you around! I am always just beyond grateful for the blessing to get to be your mom. It will be my honor all of my life!

I forever want you to know just how loved you are, exactly as you are. I am always here for you. I will always be supporting you. I will always be your biggest fan and cheerleader through all of life’s journey and I love you with all of my heart.

Happy fourth birthday my precious Spear!

Love – Mommy xoxox

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