Spear’s 2nd Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

Today I’m sharing a copy of the “happy 2nd birthday to my son” letter I wrote for Spear. Please enjoy and feel free to share!

Birthday letters are a super special way to give your child a meaningful gift that they can appreciate more and more as time goes on… as well as a sweet way to show how much you love them! 

Not everybody is great at expressing themselves with words, but sometimes it’s easier to write things down versus trying to say them. Plus, your child may not remember what you said (even if they appreciated it!) but they can always reread a letter. That’s what makes them such valuable keepsakes!

My birthday letters to my children vary depending on the year, but more or less you’ll find these same elements in all of them:

  • A recap of the year and their achievements, in and out of school
  • My favorites things about them
  • How their relationships with parents, siblings, and friends have grown
  • Of course, lots of love!

On each of my kids’ eighteenth birthdays, I plan on making a book of all the birthday letters their father and I have written to them over the years and giving it to them as a gift! 
As they enter adulthood (and possibly go off to college… hopefully not too far away!) I hope those letters can serve as a keepsake of their childhood and a reminder of how much their family loves them!

Below is the letter to my son on his 2nd birthday, written by his mama, me! You are more than welcome to use this as inspiration or as a template for your own 2nd birthday letter to your son.

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Son Letter (From Mommy!)

Dear Spear,

Yay for being TWO!

In many ways my first thought when I think about you turning two is…one year left until you’ll be THREE!

Three is when life as a mama gets easier and you will be a true “big kid” in many ways.

a birthday letter to my son on his 2nd bday happy 2nd Birthday to My Son letter

By age three we’ll have you potty trained, most likely in a big boy bed (or close to it), sitting in a booster seat at the table with us for meals (gootbye high chair) and I’m sure many other milestones will come along during the year of two as well.

Two is an age of growth and moving from the baby to the big boy. I know that means this year ahead will mean many transitions and I’m crossing fingers in a big way that they will be smooth ones for us 😉

This year has been filled with so many awesome memories with you.

I love that you have your own unique personality. You are WILD and “all boy” but also SO sweet, snuggly and you give the best kisses.

You are an awesome sleeper and I know a lot of that is due to your wildness while awake. You are constantly on the GO and that means you’re exhausted by nap or bedtime.

You love sleep so much that we actually held onto your morning nap (two naps a day) until almost two years old!

When you turned one I was still very overwhelmed by your journey to our family. Those emotions related to your adoption story were still very on the surface and felt very fresh.

Now, two years out, it’s hard for me to look back on our path to you and believe that it all really happened!

You are just our son. Our baby. We never think about it any differently than that!

While I’ll never stop being appreciative of your birth mama and birth family and will be forever grateful and always open about your story…I know it’s such a “God thing” that your adoption is NOT what defines you to any of us.

You’re just our Spear!

I have loved that you’ve gotten to do so many things that your older siblings didn’t get to do nearly as young as you have!

Disney has become our favorite place and you’ve visited the parks SO many times that I already can’t keep count and you’re still a good 6ish months away from being the same age when the older kids went on their first Disney trips.

Taking you to Disney is a constant reminder of how quickly you’re changing. Every visit you have hit different milestones and act differently than the time prior.

You would do great in the stroller, and then just want to RUN, and then be super patient in lines, and then not tolerate the waiting.

It’s truly a new experience every time we go! You’ve become quite the little pro at the parks though and love the rides (I know you’ll be an adventure seeker for sure once you’re tall enough) and love meeting characters too (as long as we let you approach them on your own!).

I LOVE the Disney memories we’re making with you and it’s so fun raising a baby up from birth at Disney World!

Since I’m not a thrill seeker with the rides you and I get a LOT of quality park time together and those memories are precious to me…including our day that we had a solo Disney morning together this year too!

You’re favorite things to do at home are “cook” in the kitchen, play with any sort of tools, and be outside!

You ADORE your Daddy and we both love it.

Tess was the most “obsessed with Mommy” kid and knowing how special that bond feels I’m thankful Daddy gets to have that with you!

You get so excited when he walks in the door and always want him to tuck you in at night.

Basically you’re ALWAYS with Daddy and “stuck” with Mommy the rest of the time 😉

I have been SO proud of how awesome you’ve done with survival swim and with working on your speech.

As your mama, I worry about you and for you and naturally want the best I can possibly give to you.

I’m so thankful we pushed for help with speech and it’s been such a blessing to have you enjoy your speech therapy sessions so much and such a huge relief to my mama heart to see how quickly you’re catching up and talking!

You are so smart and such a quick learner that it doesn’t surprise us how quickly you’ve picked up on speaking, you just needed a little push and some extra time.

Along with speech has also come school.

You go to a half day preschool program two moorings a week.

It wasn’t part of my plan for you but it’s been a huge blessing as you LOVE IT so, so much and I truly believe the classroom setting has helped with your speech explosion (and it’s also helped you be a little more chill and start to enjoy sitting and coloring!).

You say “school school” every morning and never cry at ALL at drop off! You’re always giving that huge adorable smile and have no problems leaving me to go into your classroom.

You are so stinking adorable and people who know you’re adoption story always comment on how crazy it is (another God thing!) that you look JUST like your siblings.

And people who don’t know that you joined our family through adoption?

Well they just always comment on how much you look like your siblings! We get the most comments that you look like Britt…which is funny b/c I also think the two of you have the most in common with your wild ways, outgoing personalities, love for attention, JOY you bring, and love for sleep!

You love all of your siblings but are especially close to Tess.

You call out to them all each night when getting tucked in as you want those goodnight snuggles.

Tess is wrapped around your finger and practically smothers you she just loves you so much. You love her attention and will always hug on her too. It’s so, so SO sweet!

You have NO fear and are SO brave!

You keep me on my toes all day every day for sure but also keep me laughing too.

On the mornings you have school the house is so quiet and I know it’ll be so hard for me when the day comes that you’re off to big school all day, every day.

You are also fearless when it comes to food and are always wanting to try whatever we have to eat, and usually like it.

You’re a great eater and transitioned smoothly from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup.

I have kept you in the high chair so far due to your wildness…I love that you are confined to the high chair at meals for now!

You always do great in Bible Class at church (you’re my first kid I haven’t had to stay in Bible Class with) but do not handle actual worship services very well (you live in the nursery!).

You are just starting to be interested in watching movies and will sit for Mickey and the Roadster Racers and love “key-key!”

You are my first thumb sucker but only suck it when you are sleeping and mostly just to help fall asleep (you are never sucking it when I wake you up) so I’m not overly concerned about having issues dropping it when the time comes.

Your dog is your favorite friend and you have one in the car that I have to be mindful of giving it to you…you will totally fall asleep!

I am excited for the year ahead…I know some of the milestones (potty training!) will be tough but will also be so rewarding for us both!

I’m excited to see how your speech continues to blossom. I love hearing your sweet little voice and can’t wait to hear full sentences too!

I know the fun is just really getting started with you and I love this age of discovery, soaking up all the things and learning so quickly!

I am so proud and honored to be your mom.

It’s a true gift and one that I’m forever grateful to have!

You complete us. You are our missing puzzle peace and I couldn’t fathom my life without you in it.

I’ve loved you for a thousand years and I’ll love you for a thousand more my sweet baby boy!



happy 2nd Birthday to My Son letter

I hope you enjoyed this happy 2nd birthday to my son letter. If you’d like more birthday letter inspiration, here are all the ones to Spear so far plus a few of his siblings’:

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