Christmas with Gramma

Every year we celebrate Christmas morning with my mom on the 26th. It is still a very legit Christmas morning and aren’t we lucky to get two every year???

Here are our “surprised” faces when seeing what Santa brought!

Kye is ready to go ๐Ÿ™‚

Waiting to be opened

Here’s a video of Kye opening his Santa gifts (pardon my sniffles – being sick at Christmas SUCKS)

You may remember from past Christmas posts (here’s the post from Christmas 2008 and here’s the one from last year!) that we do a tacky pj exchange with Mom and I love it! This year (like all things Christmas were this year) we didn’t go as all out as we’d like to but it’s okay, next year will be awesome (I’m really building that up huh???). Here’s our solo tacky pj pics!

I picked Mom’s name and thought a little lesbian humor would be fun

Mom picked Zach’s name and had fun at Goodwill shopping for him!

Zach picked Kye’s name and decided to just get him a shirt I normally wouldn’t allow him to wear

And “Kye” (meaning Zach) picked my name. It’s sweet that my husband thinks I’m small enough to wear a little girls shirt…but sadly I’m not! I had to cut it to make it fit but I rocked that Bieber Fever shirt ๐Ÿ™‚

Kye enjoyed his Santa presents!

He loves Fisher Price Little People stuff and this Learning Zoo is awesome!

Great face ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not sure who has been enjoying the basketball goal more: Kye or Daddy?

(here’s a video of Kye playing basketball after I napped later that day)

Zach was on some MEGA painkillers and was pretty awesome that morning – can’t you tell?

Kye did MUCH better with the gift opening and was SOOO much more fun!

I think he just needed to be able to take it slow and enjoy each moment

If you are pregnant or have a baby or even a toddler still in diapers I highly recommend using the Pampers rewards points on their website. Now that Kye is done with diapers (or at least I know I have enough left until he’s fully night/nap trained to last me) I went ahead and cashed in all the rewards points I’d had from all the diaper buying over the past couple of years. It ended up being enough to get him a pretty decent toy! I know this dog is kinda for younger kids but it was between that or a pillow pet and Zach said his son wasn’t having a pillow pet ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey it was free so it made for a good extra Christmas present!

He says he’s “working like Daddy” but in reality we all know he’s “blogging like Mommy”

Mom is a Diet Coke addict so we couldn’t resist getting her those soda can lids so you can keep your soda from losing it’s fizz!

Mom got Brandon a quesadilla maker last year and Zach totally wanted one and now he has it!

I had fun picking out a bunch of Aflac stuff for the new agent

and Mom had fun picking out some cute clothes for me!

Last year I was big on not letting Kye open the actual boxes and just packing away presents to spread out throughout the year. I still had gifts in the box up until Sept! This year it didn’t go so well as Kye wanted to open everything. I was able to distract him and put most things back in the boxes to pack up and store but he opened most of them. He has SO many toys now though that he won’t even notice when a few hide in his closet waiting for a rainy day to make an appearance.

Mom and I both get migraines (and Brandon too actually) so when I saw this Migraine Mask I couldn’t pass it up! I know it’s freaky looking but it’s supposed to help relax your eye muscles and relieve headaches. Mom said it helped some, if it really makes a difference then I’m sure as heck buying one too.

We take lots of breaks on Christmas morning to make the fun last…Kye’s enjoying one of his new books while on break

He played with each and every toy (here’s a video of one of his favorites)

My mom always wanted to have a Lenox Christmas China collection but never was able to collect all the pieces. Zach was sweet enough to start me on my own collection last year and I hope he continues it and that we can afford for us to add more than just one piece a year so I can use it all before I’m dead ๐Ÿ˜‰

Skinny jeans from The Gap are the BEST

(I could tell Zach was mega drugged up b/c he kept telling me how hott I looked in the pig tails…)

She’s added to the Stella & Dot club now ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone LOVES the La Coco Silver Pearl Strand Necklace

(We also got her the Pearl Drop Earrings to go with it)

With Kye’s new love of Toy Story characters we were all PUMPED for him to open his big gift from Gramma – a legit Woody and Buzz set. They are the size of the characters from the movie and interact with each other! Gramma went all out for sure but even Zach and I were more excited for her gift to Kye than the stuff we got him haha. 

Here’s a video of him opening his new bffs.

you know how they make it impossible to get toys out of boxes…here’s a video once we finally got them free!

It was nice to just chill and relax and take our time! We played with toys all day and rested up to get ready for the big move a few days later. We all were on a pretty tight budget for Christmas but I loved everything everyone got for me and I know Kye did too. That kid has more toys than I can even begin to know what to do with and his birthday is right around the corner!

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