Gramma’s Birthday!

My poor mom was one of those lucky  babies to be born around Christmas. Two days after in fact. And on top of that luck she was also the fourth girl (which explains why she was always called “Jody” instead of her given name “Johanna”). As an adult I can feel her pain with her birth order and timing so I always want to make her birthday special for her! This year we treated her to pizza at Sister’s and got her a yummy cookie cake (it may be our last time buying one…we got the smallest size and it was almost $30! RIP OFF!!!!).

Doesn’t she look great???

Kye loves pizza and he loves cake so he was pretty much in Heaven. It made all of us have a great time to see him in such a cute mood and we enjoyed the sugar rush he got from the cookie cake 🙂

the sugar doesn’t take long to kick in

After dinner we went back to the house for present time! I was excited to give her the watches I bought for her in Atlanta from Laura during Danielle’s wedding fun 🙂 She loved all her gifts and especially enjoyed having Kye help her open them (here’s a video of his mad skills).

While the timing of her birthday may have been a bad thing as a kid I think as an adult it’s worked out in her favor because we always get to celebrate it together since we’re all together for the holidays! I love that now we don’t have to travel anywhere to be able to celebrate though – we just can go down the street 🙂 Happy Birthday Mom – I think your “29th” year will be the BEST ever!!!

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