As many of you probably already know, Ashleigh passed away yesterday morning. I first learned of her passing via Facebook and I just kept refreshing the screen over and over in hopes that maybe someone… View Post

Light and Momentary

One year ago today I shared Ashleigh’s story. At that time she was 35 weeks pregnant with her second child, while I was right about the same with Tess. While I was sitting there feeling… View Post

Lessons from Pain: 10 Life Lessons Learned Through Personal Trials

We all have our own crosses to bear in life. We will face struggles and hardships and I try to find God’s goodness in all of those type situations. What lessons can be learned? How… View Post

Prayers for Ashleigh

Most of my afternoons follow a pretty same routine. Kids go down for naps. I get some water (and maybe a snack…) then sit at the computer. I check through social media (while possibly eating the snack)… View Post


You see so many quotes about forgiveness. How it benefits the forgiver more than the forgiven. How it’s an essential step towards salvation. How it is one of the keys to happiness. I think often… View Post