Words to Cherish

In writing my post yesterday I read back through all my birthday cards. What do you do with your birthday cards??? I stick them all in a box that goes under the bed never to… View Post

Going through the motions

Lately my blog hasn’t been up to par. That’s because my life hasn’t been. In all areas I’m just “going through the motions.” I’m being a mom. A wife. A friend. But I’m not able… View Post

A Godly Wife

If there is one area in my life where I’m the most confident, it’s in my parenting. I know that I’m a good mother. I know this because I work so hard to be a… View Post

Virtual Book/Bible Study!!!

Second post for the day 🙂 I have been good friends with Kelly for a couple of years now…she is such an inspiration to me. As a mother, a wife, and especially as a child… View Post

Prayers for Hannah and Mark

In our age of social media we are more aware of things than ever before. Everyday we see sad stories that touch our hearts. We pray for strangers. We join groups on Facebook to show… View Post