How to Handle Social Media “Haters”

How to Handle Social Media “Haters” Haters. Trolls. Hurtful comments. People who you know but clearly don’t know you. Disrespect. Intended harm. Rudeness. We live in a social media world. People sit with their phones… View Post

Stepping Out in Faith

2016 has been a whirlwind year for our family. I know the world has viewed it as a rough year due to the election and so many celebrity deaths but we’ve viewed it as a… View Post

Prayers for Zach

I’m just gonna start by saying I hate, hate, hate writing these types of posts. I don’t mind writing them when asking for prayers for others. I’ll raise my hand in class and ask for some prayers… View Post

I Forgive You

SO honored to have a new friend of mine, Adrienne from Blessed Beyond Exhaustion, guest posting today. She has such a great, encouraging blog and I am sure this post will hit home for many of you… View Post

Deciding Appropriate Entertainment Choices for Our Family

Growing up I was exposed to a wide range of entertainment options at a young age. I saw my first rated R movie at the age of 9 (Speed followed by The Body Guard). I… View Post