Light and Momentary

One year ago today I shared Ashleigh’s story. At that time she was 35 weeks pregnant with her second child, while I was right about the same with Tess. While I was sitting there feeling icky and pregnant and complaining about the trivial things in life…Ashleigh found out she had cancer.

For this past year Ashleigh has been literally fighting for her life. And she continues to do so. I know so many of you have been joining me in prayer for her and her sweet family. I was SO excited to see that Andrea, from Momfessionals, heard about Ashleigh and helped spread the word. People all over the world are lifting Ashleigh up in prayer and that’s a powerful force!

Today Andrea wrote a beautiful post about Ashleigh and included a great way for us to help Ashleigh reach her goal of raising money towards research for inflammatory, triple negative, and metatastic breast cancers. I wanted to do my part to help spread the word for this great cause.

Rather than attempt to catch everyone up to speed on Ashleigh’s latest updates, I’ll simply include a link to Andrea’s post today as she has done a great summary on everything. Ashleigh is continuing to pray for her miracle while embracing each day with her family. You can follow her blog here.  I’ll go ahead and warn you: reading her blog will not only cause you to cry for this amazing woman, but will also lead to some pretty heavy self reelection and personal growth.

I LOVE the idea of t-shirt sales to raise money. And the meaning behind these shirts is so wonderful. What a beautiful place Heaven will be. And it’s a simple reminder that ALL of our struggles here on earth are “light and momentary” because our forever home is with the Lord in Heaven.

You can purchase shirts here (lots of color options) I’m so glad there are kids sizes too!

It’s hard for me to put into words the way Ashleigh’s story has impacted my life this year. I think of her daily and am simply blown away by her unwavering faith and her message of hope. Her blog posts often strike a cord with me to help me grow deeper in my personal faith. I wasn’t super good friends with Ashleigh in school, but we were friendly acquaintances. At that time in my life I didn’t know the Lord and in talking with her some over this year I told her I remembered thinking that she had such a joyful spirit. I also told her that when I became a Christian I looked back on my life and thought of her as one of those people that must have also been a Christian. She was one of those influences that eventually lead me to Christ. And she said she, too, remembered thinking about me back then and that she remembered praying for me that someday I’d come to know Christ. Isn’t it neat the way God works? Her friendly personality was a small influence on me 15 years ago that left an impact. And today she is continuing to help me personally, along with countless others, in our walk with Christ.

T-Shirt sales close on July 15! Please, please continue to spread the word to pray for Ashleigh. Huge thanks for all of you who have been praying…so thankful for God’s blessings even during all of our times of trials. And so thankful for the blessing to be able to write this post a year after she was diagnosed…continuing to pray for that miracle for a sweet friend!

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