Prayers for Ashleigh

Most of my afternoons follow a pretty same routine. Kids go down for naps. I get some water (and maybe a snack…) then sit at the computer. I check through social media (while possibly eating the snack) then I blog. 

Today that routine stopped with the social media check. As I did the typical scroll through Facebook newsfeed I came across a post from a friend. I went to high school for one year in Satellite Beach, Florida and during that year I met Ashleigh. We haven’t kept in touch and weren’t best friends or anything, but one of the beautiful things about social networking is that you can stay caught up with people who you may not normally get to see. I have enjoyed seeing her posts through the years and we have exchanged “likes” on things from time to time 🙂

Coming across her news today has totally made time stand still and everything else seem trivial. Rather than put into words myself what is going on…I am copying this (with her permission) from what Ashleigh posted:

Dear Friends – 

I want to share some news I received last week in hopes that you would pray for a miracle for my family and me in the uphill battle we are about to face. 

Last week I was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, and advanced case of inflammatory breast cancer. It is a very scary prognosis but we know that God is faithful, good, and still in control. Please pray that I could continue being a mom to Noah (17 months old) and David (I’m 35 weeks pregnant now), and wife to Brad. 

Brad and I will be posting to a blog to keep friends and family updated (including specific ways to pray for us)

Every day is a miracle- 

Ashleigh, Brad, Noah, and soon-to-be David

Matt 5:16

One day you are fine. You have the normal aches and pains of pregnancy. The rough moments of dealing with a toddler. Then the next you find out you have an aggressive form of cancer. It is one of those things that make me just want to throw up my hands to God and ask WHY?!?! This beautiful family who loves the Lord…why do they have to face such a struggle?!?! 

We do not know why such trials come to such wonderful people. All we can do is pray, pray, pray that she will be healed. That Ashleigh will be able to enjoy this sweet new baby, her adorable son, and live a long, healthy, happy life with her precious family. 

I am so encouraged and amazed by her spirit and faith. Her optimistic outlook and determination to not allow this time of trial to separate her from the Lord. 

Reading her blog and catching up on everything is very scary. I’m so thankful she had that intuition to look into things further than just going with what her doctor told her. I’m thankful she persisted and that she is sharing her story with all of us. Not only so that we can lift her in prayer throughout this journey but also so that we can learn from her. See her walk and know that if she can continue to stay positive and continue to have her sights set on God and His promises…then so can we! 

No matter what hardships life brings…God is always GOOD. I pray her family continues to find comfort, strength (and especially HEALING!) from the Lord! I also pray for her husband as I’m sure it’s so hard for him not to be able to take this away from her. Husbands are our protectors and I know he will need prayers to stay strong too! 

I am always amazed by the online community when people are in times of need. I have had many people ask me why I continue to blog when I’ve faced some issues with it and this is one of those reasons. Prayer is powerful and I am beyond thankful that I am able to share the need of prayer with all of you and know that this family will be lifted up by so many!

All of this news is very, very fresh so all I know at this time is what I have posted. Be sure to follow Ashleigh’s blog to know specifics of how to pray for them during the days to come. Also I will be updating if I find out any other ways to help them! I feel very passionately about helping people however I can and I know our prayers are the best way to possibly offer support right now 🙂 

You can learn more about Ashleigh’s journey here

Thank you to each and every one of you!!!


  1. Kelly
    July 1, 2014 / 11:24 pm

    Thank you for sharing. We will be praying for Ashleigh, her family and all of the medical staff treating her.

  2. Lisa Engle
    July 9, 2014 / 1:28 pm

    Through another social network, I learned of her story and am amazed (again) how powerful perspective is. Staying prone at the foot of the cross for them…may we (and so many more) see His glory in this.

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