Kirk Cameron is my Hero!

I have always known Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver from the t.v. show Growing Pains. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the show because I was a little young for it (I’m more a Saved… View Post

California Here We Come!

We went to San Diego for Zach’s first Aflac National Convention! It was great because Aflac flew us out of Valdosta so the travel was pretty easy and free so we couldn’t complain about it!… View Post

Busy Weekend in Atlanta

Back when we found out Zach won the Triple Crown Aflac trip to Atlanta we thought we wouldn’t bother going since we have been to Atlanta a million times and did not want to have… View Post

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend this year Zach and I went on a Parker Famiy Vacation with his immediate family to their condo in Alabama. It happened to fall on Mr. Rusty’s and Mrs. Charlotte’s Anniversary… View Post