Goodbye Mexico!

The whole time we were in Cancun Zach kept saying he wanted to get a little sombrero for Kye. Of course, since we never left the resort, we never saw one. Until Mrs. Charlotte and I got to the airport! Buenos Dias says the little bambino!




The flight home went almost as smoothly as the flight there. I had to nurse Kye at the airport in Cancun which was a little awkward but whatever, we just found an empty gate and went to town! He was more fussy on the way home than he was on the way there and I think it’s because the first flight was his nap time, this one was his awake time. Still, overall he was an excellent traveler!

Kye and I came up with this new little thing while on the plane, Mrs. Charlotte took a video of it. It’s super long so I don’t know if she forgot to stop it or what but what we do is I bring my head down and he brings his down to hit mine and then we both laugh. I love that it’s something WE do together and I do it all the time with him now. Of course he still hasn’t done it when Daddy is watching, I think Zach distracts him haha!


Once we got to Atlanta things went a little downhill. We landed at the same time Zach and Mr. Rusty did which was great but what wasn’t so great is that for SOME reason the airline checked my stroller instead of loading it when we got on the plane with us. So I had to hold a 20 lb baby who was at his limit while every single passenger unloaded then they looked for my stroller and realized they had checked it so then I had to carry him through the airport to the customs area. We had to go through three of those walking moving escalator type things. THREE! ugh!

Luckily we ran into Zach and Mr. Rusty at customs so Mr. Rusty held Kye for me! Whew! Thankfully all our bags arrived safely and so did the stroller (it was a little beat up but not too bad). We had to rush rush rush because our flight got in at 4 and we had the Blink 182 concert that night so we had to rush through the airport, catch our shuttle to the hotel, drive from the hotel to the one we were staying in that night, get ready, leave Mrs. Charlotte with Kye and drive to the concert…and the doors opened at 6:30! Yikes!

We rushed and got to the hotel and Kye was SO happy. I think he knew we were closer to home 🙂 And he got to sleep in his OWN pack and play!!!

The trip had it’s ups and downs. Wasn’t the nicest Aflac trip ever for sure but it was a lot of fun and a GREAT experience for us to know that we can totally handle traveling with a baby! Kye hasn’t worn his sombrero since but it likes it’s home on the camel in his room 🙂

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  1. Robyn
    October 18, 2009 / 11:53 pm

    LOVE the hat pictures – too cute! 🙂

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