Cancun: Nights Three and Four!

Starting day three we had a good routine going! Our waitress looked forward to seating us first thing when the buffet opened at 8 (7 their time). She was obsessed with Kye and kept calling him “her baby.” All the staff was SO nice at the resort. Every single person we talked to had jokes which was cute. They all joke about Tequila a lot (or maybe they aren’t joking?) and ask if you want it in your coffee, juice, milk, etc at every meal. I was SO nervous about this swing flu stuff that I sanitize-wiped everything but how could I tell this waitress to lay her hands off my kid?!? She touched him like crazy and even kissed on him. Finally I gave up trying and just rubbed him down really good with a baby wipe after we left the buffet!

It was almost worth letting her hold him to have her get a good group shot of us!

Zach and Mr. Rusty had some guy time and Mrs. Charlotte and I kept Kye then we all met up during his lunch awake time to do some more swimming and to switch duties! This hat Gramma got for him was MUCH better!!!



He loved floating on his back with Big Papa


But Daddy wins as Kye’s favorite person to play in the water with

He’s holding on to his hat for dear life!


This trip (and re-looking through the pictures) really reminded me how BLESSED I am! I have such an involved husband and it’s wonderful that he’s so giving. He doesn’t mind keeping Kye at all and will gladly stay in the room with me when it’s our turn! Mr. Rusty is a wonderful grandfather but he isn’t as willing to change his schedule for Kye as the rest of us are and that made me see that Zach is so awesome. I always say that I want Zach to be just like Mr. Rusty someday but I see now that in some ways he’s already better 🙂 You can just see the love he has for his son in all the pictures I take, it’s such a special thing!

Kye LOVES the water, just like his Mommy! My little pool boy!


We took him to the ocean for literally 10 min just to be able to say we did it. Kye doesn’t like the ocean half as much as he loves the pool (maybe it’ll stay that way?!) but Zach really wanted to take him out so he did. It was the 10 min right before his nap so he didn’t do so awesome but at least it gave us a chance for some more group pictures in a pretty setting!



This time is was the guys turn to go to the room…and mine and Mrs. Charlotte’s turn to enjoy some sun! I had to take a picture of Mr. Rusty in Zach’s hat, he looks like an old school mob member hahaha

It was Mr. Rusty’s and Mrs. Charlotte’s date night that night so Zach and I ran down to the buffet for a snack to hold us over until 9:30 when we could go eat…duh I had some ice cream. That’s one thing about buffets. I’d lose all kinds of weight b/c I hate them (all I ate while we were there were omelets, carrots, and potatoes!) but dang they have AWESOME ice cream! This one had some great toppings too. Zach and I looked in the Mexican food aisle in Walmart for some of the yummy sprinkles but didn’t have any luck 🙁

We tried to down as many VIRGIN drinks as we could! The bar tenders didn’t like making them virgins and never believed us that we didn’t drink. Zach was SO funny carrying all of these with me carrying 2 as well! We looked like two drunks haha in the elevator Zach was slurping his down making all kinds of noise and people kept looking at him and laughing. I told them they were virgin drinks…I doubt it got through to them though haha

While Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte were on their date we enjoyed Mr. Kye all to ourselves!


don’t drink the water mister!!!




On our last day in Cancun Mr. Rusty and Zach tried their luck at the ghetto tennis court while Mrs Charlotte and I enjoyed breakfast with Kye and watched him for his first nap. Then it was off to the pool again! This time we tried a different pool. This resort was SO strange. All the pools were even (no deep or shallow end) and they were filled to 5 feet! Well being that I’m only 2 inches taller than the water level in the pool I had a tough time. I had to be on my tip toes the whole time when trying to play with Kye and it was annoying. (I know I’m a midget). We ended up going to a more crowded pool but it had a little shallow section where people were sitting to read and such. It was MUCH better for me and I was able to enjoy Kye more! Of course we saw a TON more Aflac people and they all wanted to see him too but that’s okay, he loved the attention about as much as his Daddy did haha.



In the afternoon Zach, Mr. Rusty and I enjoyed some more time by the pool where Zach and Rusty joined in on some contest where they had to balance on a surf board. A lot of the Aflac people did it too (not me of course) and it was pretty funny. Zach ended up winning (are you surprised?) but the whole thing was pretty commical.

Eventually Mr. Rusty decided to retreat to the room to spend a little quality time with Mrs. Charlotte so Zach and I layed out for a little while before it rained on us!


I went up to the room to feed Kye and Mr. Rusty came up telling us we needed to take Kye down to the beach to meet a MONKEY!!! A real live monkey! Of course we all rushed to get down there as Kye’s favorite animal is a monkey (he sleeps with one every nap and at night!) and the guy was letting people take pictures with the monkey too (for $10! Just to HAVE your picture taken!!! rip off but duh we did it). I’ve been waiting as long as I could to post this because some Aflac guy took professional quality pictures and I really want to use his but he hasn’t emailed them to me yet so I’ll just have to do another post of those once he does (if he does!).  Mine didn’t turn out so awesome but it was still so cool and such a unique experience for Kye!



Her name was Coco and she kept wanting to touch Kye. The owner said she’s a mother and LOVES babies. It made me a little nervous but tons of people were out there saying how cute and how we should let Kye touch her etc and duh I caved to peer pressure haha. No one wants to be “that mom.” This one is an awful one of me but you can see Kye “holding” her hand! Precious!

Yes, I let him be alone with her! Too cute of a picture opportunity to pass up!


My little boy loved the monkey and it put him in a great mood for the rest of the afternoon! We took another dip in the pool and played for awhile and got him to skip his third nap which was nice as it gave us extra time to enjoy Cancun on our last day!

Zach and Mr. Rusty had to get some hats and of course they both looked like Cancun Cowboys on the ride home. SO funny. I’m SURE they wouldn’t get stopped a bunch more through customs this time looking this awesome…

On our way out we remembered we didn’t get a picture of our all-inclusive bracelets haha and one last group shot before heading back to the USA (and back to the luxury of AIR CONDITIONING! yes!)


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  1. Rachael
    October 14, 2009 / 8:59 pm

    OMG you are so brave! I don't think I would let Macy be that close to a monkey. Or me for that matter!! Greg's mom tried to get Macy close to a big parrot at Margaritaville and it totally freaked me out! 🙂 I can't wait to see the professional pictures! 🙂

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