Cancun: Nights One and Two!

We are so blessed with these Aflac trips and I hate to start off with anything negative, but if you go to Cancun, don’t stay at the Riu. From the outside it’s super pretty. Even the lobby was nice! Our rooms, not so much. The ac unit was OFF when we got there and never did quite cool our room. Yuck! It was HOT. Poor Kye is used to sleeping in a fleece sleeper at night and he had to sleep NAKED because it was so hot!!! I was hot the whole trip which is why I opted to forgo the straightening and just wear my hair wild haha. The resort also lied to us when we called when they told us the water in our rooms would be filtered! I was thinking we’d be fine with Kye getting baths and cleaning off his bottles and bowls but instead when we got there the sticker on the mirror in the bathroom let me know that I’d better be careful!!!

The resort was all inclusive but the restaurants were only open at certain times and since we stayed on Georgia time we weren’t able to go to eat together (all four of us with Kye) except for breakfast because when they opened for both lunch and dinner Kye was in bed. We made it work though and just traded off! I felt so guilty the whole trip though because, while Zach and I went for free, Mr. Rusty PAID to stay at a not-so-wonderful resort. I apologized like a thousand times but he understood that there wasn’t anything we could do about it and he and Mrs. Charlotte swear they still had fun! At least we had joining rooms so that made it a little easier when it came to watching Kye 🙂

Our biggest mistake of the trip was not bringing our own pack and play. We didn’t want to pay to bring it and we didn’t want to risk it getting tore up…but the crib our poor child slept in was not very awesome and it was SO different from what he’s used to that it meant he didn’t sleep very well the whole trip 🙁 Lesson learned!

Night one Zach and I ate at the buffet for dinner!

A little mini-date a great start to the trip!!!

In the morning we all enjoyed getting to eat together. It was great practice for Kye to sit in a high chair and behave in public. All the little waitresses loved him and so did many of the guests! You don’t see many babies at resorts like that so he was a little celebrity! haha

Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte!

Breakfast was honestly the best meal of the day there! They had AWESOME omelets and some really strange, yet yummy, chocolate milkshakes!

For the morning nap Zach and I stayed back and let Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte check out the pool. After Kye’s lunch feeding I was excited to get my son in the water!!! Thank the LORD I bought 12 month sized SPF shirts because those things were tiny! I loaded him up big time with sunscreen and he never once got a bit of sun the whole trip, yay for me! Here we all are enjoying the precious boy in the pool!

Swimming with Big Papa and a video of it too!

I know, I know this hat is kinda gay. He ended up not wearing it for long as the pool had PLENTY of shade!

My favorite thing about having Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte with us? That they could take lots of family photos for us!

Kye LOVED “jumping” in with Daddy! Here’s a video of the action!

Swimming with G-Mama. They convinced us to put his head under for a second and he did GREAT just like the big boy he is!

Mrs. Charlotte is sooo giving, probably TOO giving, so she volunteered to keep Kye in the afternoon so Zach and I could enjoy the pools. Mr. Rusty didn’t see the point of staying in the room with her (no surprise! haha) so he came with us!!! I love giving Mr. Rusty a hard time, here I am sun-screening him up hahaha I love the lady on the poster in the corner haha

The Riu is not a very family-friendly place as they allow topless sunbathing! It was so so so strange to be just hanging out of the pool and look over to see some boobs staring at you. It’s one of those things where you don’t want to look but you just can’t help it! I think it’s something none of us got used to! There were little kids in the pool at one point and this topless lady jumped in right in front of them…umm awkward! Here’s Mr. Rusty and Zach pretending to be shocked after we saw our first topless girl! And you know those kinds of things are ALWAYS the people that shouldn’t be topless haha none of the “hot” girls did it, only the nasty ones! The rest of the trip Mr. Rusty was so worried about me putting this on facebook haha

Mr. Rusty played volleyball so Zach and I had a little time to ourselves!

The second night was our date night (Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte had theirs the following night). We were all excited and got reservations at the Steak House. The way the Riu works is that the buffet is open (at certain times) to everyone but the other places require reservations and you have to go to the lobby at 9am (8am their time) to wait in line to sign up. So dumb!

Enjoying the pretty sunset!

Another beautiful dress from Nana’s collection! I love it but it was pretty see through haha

We didn’t realize that the Steak House was actually the pool snack bar re-invented haha We were early for our reservations and had to wait for it to be finished “changing”

Once it finally got going it was a pretty good meal! It was nice just to have some down time together with the beautiful view of the ocean and yummy, FREE, food! Of course we ended up getting seated beside one of Zach’s bosses and her husband but it was nice chatting with her and getting a picture together

For dessert they did this really cool thing where they poured fire over ice cream! In the picture it looks like water but it was actually alcohol on fire! It was super cool and a good way to end the first half of our trip 🙂

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