Tess’s 5 Year Pediatrician Well Check

Tess’s 5 Year Pediatrician Well Check

Tess’s 5 year old well check was on Friday August 23rd.

Last year for her four year well visit she shared her appointment with Kye and while I love knocking em out together whenever possible, I do prefer each child having their OWN appointment to really focus on them.

While this visit was just for Tess, Kye and Britt did tag along (I will get to the reasoning next post!).

I had zero concerns or even questions about Tess which is really nice.

I’m thankful that, so far, it’s kinda been a one kid at a time with an issue thing which makes it easier as a parent to focus on that issue and give it my full attention. So yay that Tess has been, so far, my issue-free kid 😉

The 5 year old check-up means no shots! Whoop whoop!

She had her vision and hearing tests and did great with both.

We didn’t expect her to have any sort of shot at all and were thrown for a loop when they said she had to have her finger pricked.

I do think Tess does better when stuff is just thrown at her…b/c knowing in advance about stuff stresses her out.

And y’all she ROCKED IT. She did SO SO GREAT. No tears AT ALL!

These were Tess’s stats during her 4 year old check: 39.25 inches tall (49th percentile), 31 lbs (11th percentile)

At 5 years old here are her stats: 35 lbs (11th percentile) and 41.8 inches (50th percentile)

She is just little! Always has been, probably always will be!

In comparison here are Britt’s stats at her 5 year well visit: Britt is 44 inches tall (75th percentile), weighs 37.8 lbs (25th percentile) and has a BMI of 13.44 (4th percentile). 

And here are Kye’s from his: Kye is 42 3/4 inches tall, 50th percentile for height. And he weighs 42.5 lbs which is in the 70th percentile for weight.

Everything went great at her visit. Nothing major to note.

They did see some fluid in her ears and recommended doing Zyrtec and Flonase for a couple weeks to dry it up but it wasn’t infected or anything to be concerned over.

She had a great visit and was super brave and I love an easy in-and-out appointment!

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