Blazer Game, Baby Shower, and Attack of the Stomach Virus!

The first weekend in October was a busy one for us! I was looking forward to lots of family time fun but things didn’t quite work out as planned. On Saturday morning Zach and Kye got up and went golfing. Britt slept and slept and slept. Child didn’t wake up until 8:30!!! That has NEVER happened before with EITHER of my kids. 

I didn’t want to wake her because the morning prior when she woke up her crib was super funky looking and I wasn’t sure if she was sick or something. She was fully clothed but her sheets were covered with something that either was poop or puke. I couldn’t tell which and since I can’t smell I couldn’t figure it out. I even had Kye smell it haha poor kid! She didn’t have a fever at all on Friday and never acted strange at all so I didn’t do anything about the poop/puke. Just changed her sheets and went about our day. When she slept in so late though on Saturday it made me a little nervous that our sweet girl was experiencing her first sickness!

Once she finally woke up she was in a sweet mood and happy as could be. No issues except a low grade fever. I assumed teething? I had a friend recently say her daughter threw up when cutting teeth so I assumed that was the issue. I mean Britt has NEVER been sick so I figured teething was a safe bet! We spent the morning together while the boys were golfing!

That afternoon Zach had gotten us tickets to our first family VSU Football game! Kye has only been to one game and it was when he was SUPER little. Zach and I both feel bad we don’t go to the games. Back when Zach played it was so disheartening to see so little fans in the stands, especially when we have such a great team! Now that both kids are older it’s something we hope to do more often in the future. Plus it was MUCH easier to take Britt down the street to see the Blazers rather than drive an hour and a half to let her watch the Seminoles with us πŸ˜‰

Zach and Kye left early and I let Britt sleep. Her fever was higher prior to nap which made me nervous and I didn’t want her out in the hot sun if she was sick. When she woke up she had broken her fever so we rushed up to join in with the guys! 

I was excited to FINALLY put my new camera to use. However, I realized quickly that I brought the wrong lens (read more about it here). The one I brought was only for long distance so I couldn’t take many pics close up. I switched out between using my camera and my phone haha

#85 for life!

Frogg Togg Towels came in handy yet again πŸ™‚

I knew Kye would enjoy the game but it was Britt’s first EVER football game experience of any kind. Which is kinda funny b/c when Kye was a litttttle baby we took him to several Lowndes Games. I totally look back and can’t BELIEVE we had him sleep in his baby carrier like that at the game. I don’t see us ever doing that again with little babies!!! 

Britt really had a great time! She was adorable and rocked out her pony tail with hair bow cheerleader look πŸ˜‰ I was impressed with how many people came out to show support for the Blazers and all the people sitting around us enjoyed watching Britt. She was an adorable distraction from the game haha!

Had to make a few important phone calls of course

She kept licking the fan “blades”

Britt and I were only there for the second half but it was the perfect amount of time for her first experience! Everyone had a great time and I know Kye and Zach enjoyed their “guy time” too. Once a Blazer, always a Blazer!

He went from holding a football on the field to holding his baby girl in the stands πŸ™‚ Time FLIES! While it was awesome having our babies there with us, it STILL made me sad that Zach wasn’t playing. I know we graduated 6 years ago and I should be over it by now, but I don’t know if I ever will be. I told Zach I understand now why people wear their old high school letterman jackets when they are like 50 years old haha I totally walked around that stadium assuming people would know us like they did back when he was Mr Espn. Um nope. The players who play now have no CLUE who Zach Parker is. There is a new #85 who was in middle school back when Zach wore the jersey. We are old news haha. 

After the game we got home and I freshened up a bit then headed over to a baby shower! April and Zach went to school together and were good friends in high school. She’s now one of Crissy’s very best friends and is one of those people who is SO naturally sweet that everyone who meets her adores her! I was honored to be invited to the baby shower to celebrate baby Bowen! We visited, enjoyed tasty food, played fun games, and took lots of pics!

Duh, this was my favorite present she got! πŸ˜‰

Josie, her daughter is SO stinkin cute!

Josie was hardcore breaking it down for us, girl has got some skills!

April and her mama!

Hostess with the mostess πŸ™‚

Before I left for the shower Zach said for me to take my time and have some fun. He’s learned that when it comes to me hanging out with Crissy that 1) it WILL be fun and 2) I WILL be home late. We will easily end up at Walmart at 11 pm haha. When we left the shower Crissy, Liz and I decided to hit up Starbucks. I mean are we fancy or whhhhhat?!?! I am NOT a coffee drinker and I don’t “get it” why people are addicted to Starbucks? I prefer the frozen coffees from McDonalds personally. Liz and I ended up talking Crissy into leaving there and going to The Mix instead. Liz had never been before so helllo it was a MUST!

It was odd because I have never gotten less than 14 oz at The Mix. But when we got there I was kinda feeling odd and just didn’t want any. I was on the cleanse phase of the 24 Day Challenge (I know, I shouldn’t have been eating froyo! Rebel!) so I thought maybe just the products were keeping my cravings down? All I got was 5 oz!!!

We enjoyed talking and visiting and then headed back to April’s house where we had left our cars. They dropped me at my car and I got in the drivers seat and just had that wet mouth feeling like I was gonna puke. I do NOT throw up. Like seriously ever. But I got out and BOOM. It was hardcore all in this random person’s yard. Liz and Crissy had been turning around so they were driving back by me and saw me bent over. They said they thought I was laughing and didn’t realize I was puking until they got out to see what was going on. I got it all out of my system and told them I’d be fine. 

I got in the car and immediately called Zach. It was exactly 11:00. When I answered I told him that Britt wasn’t teething. Because I had just puked. And guess what? He said he had JUST left Kye’s room where KYE had puked all in his bed. We both were throwing up at the same time! How bizarre is that?!?! I’m so thankful I didn’t have to clean up Kye haha. 

I got home and woke up all through the night to puke. It was HORRIBLE. Zach found some of his anti-nausea meds from when he was hospitalized and they weren’t expired so I finally took one that morning. Zach felt a bit queazy and also took one. 

The next day I had a mega high fever, Kye also had fever, Britt was 100% fine, and Zach had a mild fever. We were all sick at one time! I honestly can’t tell you much about that day. It was all a blur and Zach let me sleep for a lot of it. I never got sick again after I took that pill. I think Zach may have gotten a little sick but not nearly as bad. And Kye only puked that one time. Same with Britt. I assume that the Friday morning find was puke. Guess she had her first sickness and it was the stomach virus! Not only was she sick but she gladly gave it to the rest of us!!!

BRAT diet, liquids, and movies!

I felt like straight up GARBAGE and had a 102 fever. But I had awesome coupons that expired at Gap Outlet (25 min away from us…) that DAY. At around 2ish I woke up and decided to make the trip out there. I was crazy. And I kept telling people in the store not to come near me haha. I got home not even remembering what I bought and it’s pretty funny the stuff I got for myself. It’s obvious I had a fever because I bought all these cuddly clothes, even a GAP sweatshirt and my first yoga pants! I am glad I went because the yoga pants ended up coming in handy haha

By Sunday night Zach, Kye and Britt were all fine. We had to have Kye miss school the next day though which worked out because it took me the longest to get back to normal feeling. I couldn’t eat anything for a couple days. I was worried that I wouldn’t like froyo anymore after all of that. A couple years ago I was sick around the time of Kye’s birthday and I had made some chocolate covered pretzels for his party and I have NEVER enjoyed chocolate covered stuff again after that. I mean what would my life be without froyo? πŸ˜‰ (spoiler alert: I do still love it! Crisis averted! Whew!). 

To kick off Kye feeling better Zach taught him how to eat an oreo (although these are the “Who Knew” oreos haha)

On Monday we had a lazy day of rest and the kids enjoyed getting to spend the day at home!

I feel like everyone I KNOW got hit with that stomach virus this year. That thing was something FIERCE. It was horrible to all be sick at once but, honestly, I preferred the stomach virus over other things. At least it was short lived. If it had been the flu or strep that junk can last FOREVER. Also by all of us having it at once we got through it quicker together and were over it quickly. Plus, hello it was a great way to kick off my 24 Day Challenge haha!

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